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48v 500w electric trike motor-mid drive type sold from aliexpress

We got an order from Swden customer in our aliexpress online store. It is about 4 pcs 48v 500w mid drive electric tricycle motor. Of course this type of motor can be also used in other applications.

48v 500w trike motor

Although this motor is usually 48v 500w, but we customize it to 36v 500w to our customer. You can also find this motor from our own online shop Electric tricycle motor category. You will find many amazing tricycle motor.

48v 750w electric trike motor in real using

Today, I got an email from our Canada customer. This is a surprise.  He sent me a photo of how our 48v 750w trike motor used in his tricycle.

Hi Tony,

I have the kit all set up on my trike.  I will send you some pictures soon.

The motor has much more torque than I expected.  I have to be very careful that I do not turn the throttle too quickly.  I really should install some sort of torque limiter or a current limiter, so that I do not apply too much power too fast.

You can see how I modified the sprocket to adapt a freewheel so that I could drive a left-side crank.

Thank you.


Here is the photo

48v 750w electric trike motor

48v 750w electric tricycle motor and controller for USA–electric trike conversion kit

For electric trike coversion kits, we find that 48v 750w electric tricycle motor and controler is hot. We have sold many kits to USA and Germany.  Over a year developing, UU Motor has explored many kinds of electric trike motors and controllers, and they are all brushless dc motors and controllers.


For the 48v 750w electric trike conersion kit, it can be bought here http://www.uumotor.com/shop/electric-tricycle-motor/electric-tricycle-conversion-kit-500w-750w , this e trike kit is for common cargo and passenger trikes. If you want a high torque electric trike motor, we have another motor kit here http://www.uumotor.com/shop/electric-tricycle-motor/strong-power-electric-trike-kit-motor-controller-throttle , and we also have electric tricycle kit with gear bridge, that is alxe. Here is what we can see, it is from 800w to 2000w, http://www.uumotor.com/shop/electric-tricycle-motor/electric-trike-kit-with-differential-gear-bridge-800w-to-2000w.

Motor Power: 800w,1000w,1200w,1500w,2000W(2kw) brushless dc motor.

Motor Voltage: 60V/48v/72v

Axle Length: 1000mm/1100mm/1200mm/770mm/800mm/900mm

Maximum load:60v-1200kg/48v-1100kg/72v-1300kg

Maximum load speed:40km/h Maximum speed:45km/h complete set of a transaxle kit as shown in the picture includes:

1.brushless dc Permanent magnet(20 pcs) gear motor 2000w 2.controller 3.rear transaxle(gearbridge) 4.two direction switch 5.brake power switches 6.connection box 7.throttle rear axle Brake hub Diameter:180mm(30-45km/h) it uses for Electric tricycle passenger and van and golf car certificate: CCC,CE

Gear Ration: for load carge using ratio is 1:12; for load passenger using ratio is 1:10

UU Motor, the good bldc motor provider for all customers.

new selling of 750w and 1200w electric brushless dc tricycle motor- mid drive

We have new orders for electric tricyle motor from Germany and Austria. The trike motor is brushless dc motor with planetary gearbox. Here is the photos and spencification:

1200w electric trike motor
1200w electric trike motor

60v 1200w brushless dc motor for electric trike motors, this is a powerful gear motor. Rated voltage:48V/60V/72V Rated speed:2850rpm Ratio:5:1 Real speed:550rpm Weight:11.5KG Phase angle:120 degree Eff:82%

750w electric trike motor
750w electric trike motor

Electric trike motor brushless 48V/60VDC 750W The 48V 750W brushless dc tricycle motor main specification: No load current: ≤ 5.0A Rated power:750W Rated speed:2800RPM Rated torque:2.56N.m Rated current:≤ 20A Efficiency:80% Ratio: 6:1 Real speed:480RPM Weight:6.8KG Motor phase angle:120 degree Motor dimension: 26CM*13*CM*15.5CM Load Capacity:500KG

We also have electric tricycle conversion kits with motor,controller, throttle, please refer to the  following photo,

electric tricycle conversion kit
electric tricycle conversion kit

UU motor provides you good quality bldc motors from small hub motors to big electric car motors. For the above motors and conversion kits, you can buy all of them directly from our web shop by paypal or credit cart, online shop page http://www.uumotor.com/shop/

48V 750W mid drive motor for electric tricycle

We have an order from Thailand for a 48v 750w mid drive motor. It is for electric tricycle. This motor ratio is 6:1 , so the real torque for this tike motor is 15N.m, Real speed:480RPM.

We have a series power of this motor like this,

Brushless electric tricycle motor
Rated Output Power 350W 500W 650W 750W
Rated Voltage 36/48V DC 36/48/60V DC 48/60V DC 48/60V DC
Rated speed 2800RPM 2800RPM 2800RPM 2800RPM
No load speed 3100RPM 3100RPM 3100RPM 3100RPM
Full load Current ≤12.5/9.4A ≤17.8/13.4/10.8A ≤18.0/14.5A ≤20.0/16.0A
No load Current ≤3.5/2.8A ≤4.5/4.0/3.3A ≤4.0/3.5A ≤5.0/4.5A
Rated Torque 1.19 N.m 1.7 N.m 2.20 N.m 2.56 N.m
Efficiency ≥75  % ≥75  % ≥75  % ≥75%
Gear ratio 1:6
Application Small and Medium size  E-Tricycle


For buying this motor, you can visit it here from our web shop http://www.uumotor.com/shop/electric-tricycle-motor/750w-electric-tricycle-motor

We also have electric trike conversion kit from this motor and high power trike motors. You can find all of them from here http://www.uumotor.com/shop/electric-tricycle-motor.

UU Motor can provides you kinds of bldc motors.

250w to 600w small electric tricycle kit with gear permanent magnect motor

Today, we introduce you small power electric tricycle kit, 250w to 600w. The tricycle kit includes, brushless mid drive motor, motor controller, throttle, brake levers. The reason to sell such small power kit is that some customers may want to use mid drive motor to make his bicycle to electrical, and some other applications do need small power motor.

We can make this motor has sef-cooling fan in the motor rear, though it is usually not need. The kit power can be 24v 250W, 48v 350W,  36v 500W, 48v 500W, 36v  600W and 48v 600w. We can also customize the motor for you.

We also have powerful elctric trike motor kit, from 800w to 2000w, and we can also provide differential gear bridge with the kits. These kit are displayed on our web shop http://www.uumotor.com/shop/electric-tricycle-motor

UU Motor also provides other bldc motors for electric bike, electric wheelchair, electric scooter, eletric motorcycle, and even electric car hub motor.  Find a bldc motor, UU Motor may be one of your good choice.

48V 800W permanent magnet motor for heavy electric tricycle

Our electric tricycle motor is very power and strong. Though our motor is very heavy, but its torque is strong. For the 48v 800w motor, the rated torque is 40N.m. This electric trike motor is a planetary gear motor , the speed is 600RPM to 700RPM. Max load 1000kg.

Our electric triycle kit is from 800w to 1500w, max load is 1600kg for the 1500w bldc tricycle motor.  If you are looking for a power electric trike motor or tricycle kit, contact us and you will find the right motor.


60V 1800W powerful brushless dc mid drive motor to Malta

A new order from Malta for 1800w electric trike motor. Our customer bought this bldc motor from our online shop directly. Here is the buying link: http://www.uumotor.com/shop/electric-tricycle-motor/bldc-electric-trike-motor-1800w

We have this motor power in 1200w, 1500w, 1800w and 2200w, it can be used fo heavy tricycle or small electric motorcycle, boat, small car and so on. Here is the trike motor specification table.

brushless electric trike motor
rated power 1200W 1500W 1800W 2200W
rated voltage 48/60/72V DC 48/60/72V DC 60/72V DC 60/72V DC
rated speed 2850RPM 2850RPM 2850RPM 2850RPM
no load speed 3800RPM 3700RPM 4300RPM 4800RPM
rated current ≤32.0/25.0/21.0A ≤39.0/31.5/26.0A ≤37.5/31.5A ≤46.0/38.0A
no load current ≤6.0/5.5/4.5A ≤6.0/5.5/4.5A ≤6.0/5.5A ≤6.5/6.0A
rated torque 4.0N.m 5.2 N.m 6.0 N.m 7.2 N.m
efficiency ≥80% ≥82% ≥83% ≥84%
reduction ratio 1:5

The motor has been sent today by DHL,  it only takes 2 days after the order made. Here what we took before packing the motor.

electric tricycle kit order shipped today

We have sent the order of 72v 1500w electric tricycle kit today. This is first electric trike cnversion kit we sold to Germany.  We send it by DHL, which is fast and good for Air Express shipping. For this order information, you can visit our last post http://www.uumotor.com/blog/2012/07/72v-1500w-electric-tricycle-conversion-kit-sold-to-germany/

For the sample order, we usually report to customs a lower price. The reason we do this is because this will be convenient for customers to make customs clearance and very less taxes or no taxes for the electric trike kit buying.

Please noted that our electric tricycle motors are bldc motors with gear reduction inside, the speed is 600rpm to 700rpm after gear reduction.

Here is the photo of what we make before shipping, it is a pity that it is not very clear. The date show 2007 is because I did not set the digital camera system time.

electric tricycle conversion kitelectric trike kit

We are planing indrouct such electric trike kit with differential gear bridge, that wil be great in future. Till now , we have electric tricycle kits in 800w, 1000w, 1200w, 1500w, and 2000w version. The max load could reach 1000kg to 200kg. These are powerful. If you like to have a catalog of our tricycle converion kit, you can download them at the bottom on this page http://www.uumotor.com/ev-motor.html

72V 1500W electric tricycle conversion kit sold to Germany

UU motor also provide your good bldc motor for electric tricycle, it can carry 1000kg load if you us our electric tricycle motor to your trike. Now we have electric trike conversion kits for sale. And we have a sample for a German customer. Sample price is $295 for the 72v 15000w electric bike conversion kit.

This electric trike conversion kit includes:

1.brushless dc Permanent magnet gear motor 2.brushless CONTROLLER 3.two direction swith 4.brake power switches 5.two connection boxes 6.throttle the diameter of the motor:140mm length:310mm the motor is low noise,little vibration,reliable operation,easy maintenance.

We have the the electric trikc converstion kit from 800w to 1500w. They are hot selling in India and Pakistan market. We also have electric bike conversion kits for EV enthusiasts.