BLDC MOTOR: We also call it brushless motor or brushless dc motor. It is next generation high efficiency dc motor. It will replace most of current brushed motors in kinds of applications. UU motor has been in brushless motor area for five years and have developed many special and popular bldc motors,especially those motors in electric vehicle area.

Hub Motor: or wheel hub motor or in-wheel motor is an electric motor that is incorporated into a hub of a wheel and drives it directly. UU motor manufactures brushless hub motors, bldc motor (brushless motor),180W to 1500W brushless motors for electric bicycles, electric scooters,electric motorcycles and trikes.

EV motor: lectric car motor,electric trike motor and controller kit. We have kinds of mid-drive motor and differential gear bridge for electric tricycles. We also have powerful motors for electric cars. We will develop big power brushless motors for electric vehicle.

Ebike kits: Electric bicycle conversion kits mainly contain brushless hub motor wheel, bushless motor controller, throttle, brake levers. Some electric bike kits also have PAS sensor, speedometer,torque arm and so on.Currently the motor power in ebike kits is usually 250w,350w, 500w 750w and 1000w.