10 inch electric motorcycle motor 3000w10 inch electric motorcycle mtor, drouput out size 1200mm,  Rated power 48v,60v, 72v, 84v,96v,high speed and power. Max power 800 watt – 4000 watt (4kw). It is a high performance electric motorcycle motor, good quality, real powerful hub motor you never see.  If you want to buy it now, please follow this link to our online shop: http://www.uumotor.com/store/26-electric-motorcycle-motor
The 10 inch motor model specification:

Model No. Rated power rated voltage motor speed braking type tyre type motor weight packing size
QS10-U1 800w 48V/60V/72V 43km/h ~ 47km/h Disc brake/drum brake  3.00-10/3.50-10  14kg 34cm x 34cm x 34cm
QS10-U2 1000w  48V/60V/72V  35km/h ~ 50km/h Disc brake/drum brake  3.00-10/3.50-10  14kg  34cm x 34cm x 34cm
QS10-U3 1200w  48V/60V/72V  55km/h ~ 60km/h Disc brake/drum brake  3.00-10/3.50-10  14kg  34cm x 34cm x 34cm
QS10-U4 1500w  48V/60V/72V  55km/h ~ 60km/h Disc brake/drum brake  3.00-10/3.50-10  14kg  34cm x 34cm x 34cm
QS10-U5 2000w  48V/60V/72V  60km/h ~ 70km/h Disc brake/drum brake  3.00-10/3.50-10  14kg  34cm x 34cm x 34cm
QS10-U7 3000w  48V/60V/72V  65km/h ~ 80km/h Disc brake/drum brake  3.00-10/3.50-10  14kg  34cm x 34cm x 34cm
QS10-U8 4000w  60V/72V  70km/h ~ 100km/h  Disc brake/drum brake  3.00-10/3.50-10  14kg  34cm x 34cm x 34cm

Each motor will be customized so the manufacture time is 5 to 10 days usually for your order. Please noted that we do not sell the motor tyre, you need to find the mtor tyre yourself.

QS10K-1 QS10K-2 QS10K-3


59 thoughts on “10 inch electric motorcycle hub motor 800w to 4000w

  1. Im using M-BOARD GOLIATH scooter…
    Which motor that I hv to use in order for me to reach maximum speed at 70km/hour?

  2. Can i get your contact details? I want to do enqiry about 1.8 kw motor.

  3. I’m not can fining can help me
    10″ hub motor
    tire 10″ 3.00
    rear weel 10″
    brakes drum in the right
    moped motocycle cinese or corean
    style Asian iris hub motor have green circle or can hive similar complete tire hub controler

  4. which one hub motor is good for two person light weight solar car with speed more than 70 to 80 km/hr

  5. Hi do you have high power (500W above) 10 inch geared motor? Looking for 48V or 52V

  6. Is there any hub motor to cater the needs mentioned below:
    1. Single sided shaft.
    2. Max. Speed-5 KM/hr
    3. Load- 200 Kg (on 2 wheels)
    4. Torque- 20 Nm
    5. Voltage- 24/48 V

    Optional Electronic braking
    I would also like to know any control circuitry needed to be attached with the motor.

  7. 10 inch hub motor 60V 2000w
    Using Electric Quickboard

    Can I get such a product?
    It is a tire size 10 × 6.00-5.5, small 10 inch wheel motor wide tire. Tire width 16cm, tire diameter about 24cm, tire diameter about 15cm.

  8. 10 inch hub motor 60V 2000w
    Use electric scooters

    Can we get such a product?
    Please send us a video motor
    It is a tire size 10×6.00-5.5, small 10 inch wheel motor wide tire. Tire width 16cm, tire diameter of about 24cm, tire diameter of about 15cm.


    • 10 inch hub motor 60V 2000w
      Using Electric Quickboard

      Can I get such a product?
      It is a tire size 10 × 6.00-5.5, small 10 inch wheel motor wide tire. Tire width 16cm, tire diameter about 24cm, tire diameter about 15cm.

  9. buna ziua doresc sa achizitionez de la firma dumneavoastra un motor qs 10 u8 de 4000 w pe 10 inch pentru un scuter electric , explicati-mi cum pot intra in posesia acestui motor multumesc

  10. Hi,I would like some technical specs on your hub motors and recomendef controlers. I am trying to build a small mobile fire fighting unit in the format of a 3 or 4 wheeled bike. It will need to carry up to about 1500kg in total at speeds of up to 10-20km/h when loaded. I was looking at using 2 hub motors but don’t know which ones are capable of handling that much weight. This will be for a prototype but if it works I may have orders for between 10 and 20 units if the price is cheap enough. I would use motorcycle type mounting and would prefer disk brakes with one on left side and one on the right. Would need to ship to Australia

  11. Hi Tony can this motor handle 120volts or can u make it handle that. Also what is the top speed running at 96 volt with SLA battery?? Thanks in advance.

    • we make to handle it to work with 120Volts. The top speed can reach 70km/h with 96v battery.

  12. hi i have a evo;owerboard with 1kw brushed motor 8inch . i will customise frame to make 10inch fit i want the 4kw 48v which controller would you recommend

  13. Hi, I have a question about the QS10-U3 model: does the motor have a Hall Sensor installed? If so, there would be five very small-gauge wires for the Hall Sensor included with the wiring bundle. Thanks!

  14. I’m looking for a substitute motor for my NOVOX C50 electric scooter, (3500 Watt 48 V) hub motor. This scooter is build in Holland and is avaiable in 2500 watt and 3500 watt. Thanks

    • We have such range power scooter motor, out motor dropout size is 198mm, Is this ok for your scooter?

  15. Hello, I would like to know if 3D Data is available for the models: QS10-7 and QS10-08.
    Furthermore the shop says the motors could be adjusted to certain powers. How will these adjustments be performed?

  16. dear sir & madam,

    hi~ how are you?
    i’m kangchul LEE workinh for Marorobot Co.,Ltd in south KOREA.

    we have some inquiry.

    we want is as belows…
    * wheel size : 8~9 inch
    * RPM : about 300RPM
    * Mono shaft
    * Inwheel motor 48V
    * Max Torque : about 30N/M(25~35N/M)

    do you have product above spec. ?
    or can you produce sample ?

    please let me know your opinion.


    best regards,
    kangchul LEE

    • It is ok, we can kame 10inch hub motor in 2kw, please noted that this 10inch is the motor rim 10inch.

  17. Dear,

    I m looking for motor for my e-scooter.
    I would like to upgrade speed.
    Tomorrow I will inform you about dimensions of my tire.
    Please be so kind and send me one e-mail and I will send you picture.

    Many Thanks and Kind Regards!


  18. Hi Tony
    I really like hub motor electric . I would like to order some hubmotor 4kw. Pls advise tyre brand suitable with motor shell?
    Thanks and Regards

  19. Hi Tony
    I would like a hub motor in wheel for electric three wheel car concept. i really like your hub motor 4kw . Could you pls advise what tire brand suit with your motor shell? And how much for 1 set, 10 sets, 100s,? ship to Viet nam

  20. Hello. I want to tell me electric motor 10 ” 4000 W speed 100 km if can run back and front dimensions and what price has to Greece. Thank you.

  21. Hello, I was reading the specs of this motor (4000w 10inch), if I put an order for it, how many days will take you to prepare the motor?. How many days will it take to arrive to US? What method will you use to send it to US?


    • It usually takes 2 weeks for motorcycle motor order. we usually only make the motor after an order come. This is because our customers request different voltage, power and speed usually.

  22. I can’t quite tell from the pictures. Is or is not the right side of the motor (opposite the disk brake) threaded for a bicycle freewheel or is it just a bearing cover that looks threaded.

    Reason I ask is because my state laws require e-bikes to have working pedal drive in order to avoid registering as a motorcycle.

    • Hello Sir,

      This motor is designed for electric motorcycle, not for normal bike. The wheel disc braking plated will be assembled in the left side as normal motorcycle.

  23. Salutations. I have a kelly keb72801x and hubmotor 2000w / 48v. Now it is connected with a 48v battery (16 cells Thundersky), and a top speed of 48km / h. Can I connect assembly to 72v (21 cell Thundersky)?. What can reach top speed?. Does the motor can burn?

    • If you use 72v battery, the power can reach 3000w ,speed about 65km/h. If the motor was overheating, it may be burnt out.

  24. I have a 60v battery pack and a Kelly KEB72451X 4.5kW controller. Would any of your motors be suitable for use in this configuration? I need a 10 inch wheel to fit my moped.

  25. Hello, I bought a 4kw 10inch hub motor and it looks really nice but is’t possible to get wiring diagram?

    • Hello Henric,

      Have you gotten the correct controller for the motor? the brushless motor only has 8 wires,3 phase wires and 5 hall sensors wires. and for the 5 hall sensors wires, we have 2 group, one is for spare use. So you will see two socket with 5 wires. Please noted that you just need to use one when you connect the motor hall sensors to controller.

  26. Hallo I’m Michele Santucci from Celin Avio s.r.l.
    We are a small company in Italy working in the field of unmanned vehicles prototyping. We need a solution for a 1-2kW bldc hub motor. If possible we would like a solution with single/mono shaft without disc brake and external driver. Do you have anything fitting? We have to bought a set of 6 in a very short time to start the prototype building. Is possible to ‘adapt’ a double shaft motor to be used a single shaft?

    • Hello Michele,

      We can make this electric motorcycle motor in mono shaft version. The key problem is that this 10 inch motor is suitable for you?

  27. Hello Marty, what is the wheelsize and dropout size of your trike wheel?

  28. Hello I have a Trikke 48V electric and I want to customize it to have the fastest motor please email me back and let me kno what’s the fastest motor I can have on my trikke thank u

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