HL10G is a 10 inch hub motor for small scooter,electric wheelchair and so on. It is a sensorless brushless motor, that is no hall sensors in the motor, so only 3 phase wires from motor.

Motor power range: 36v 180w/250w,24V 180W/250w,48v 180w/250w,Max speed: 18km/h to 20km/h. If you do not like a sensorless motor, we also have hall sensors 10 inch motor and with more power.

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wheel  diameter:10 inch
Tyre type: air tube and tyre (10*2.1)
net weight:≤4Kg
waterproof grade:IP54
noise: <54dB
Dropout size 100mm
band-type brake: USD5
No power wheel: USD25
We can make it disc type brake.

HL10G HL10G-1 HL10G-2 HL10G-kitHL10G-kit2

We have simiar 8 inch sensorless hub motor , which you may also like.





We also have the front no motor wheel to match the motor, which is USD25 each

10inch front wheel and kit 10inch front wheel

We have the controller for this motor also, which is USD35 each.


14 thoughts on “10 inch sensorless brushless hub motor 250w

  1. There is no description of the three wiring connected to the e-wheel. Please describe wiring and direct connection to the battery.

    • this is the brushless motor, and it needs to connect the motor to a brushless motor controller and controller connected to the battery.

  2. Hello,

    I have some questions about the motor: Is it a geared or gearless type? Is it possible to buy a sensored type? I like to order the 36V 250W sensored version with a disc brake mount (6 hole mountain bike type).

    Kind Regards,

  3. I am looking for a pair of hub motors and control gear for use in a power wheelchair, delivered to the UK. Is this something you can do.


  4. Boa noite.
    fazem entregas pro brasil? Qual o custo deste produto: motor 24vcc(dc, corrente continua ) com 250w de potencia. entrega na cidade de campinas , são paulo, brasil.

    • I am sorry that it is very expensive to ship to Brazil. We currently do not sell to Brazil.

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