The SCR18R is a brushless dc hub motor with hall sensors, sold with tire together.

Motor basic information:

motor rim size: 220mm

motor weight: about 16.5kg

motor dropout size: 257mm

shaft holes for installation: M10

Standard power 60v 1000w, 40km/h.






36 thoughts on “1000w fat tire scrooser scooter hub motor

  1. Estoy interesado en comprar motores para scrooser.
    Si tienen de 1500w 2200w, etc
    Precio del motor con el neumático
    Kit de electrónica para el motor
    Si tienen la llanta deantera
    Posibilidad de poner dos motores en el scrooser y la electrónica

  2. Hi, my name is Will, my question is how do I place an order, I need the fat tire motor hub, and also other parts, thank you

  3. Hi,
    I’m interested in your “1000w fat tire Scrooser scooter hub motor” and controller.
    Please send me the price for…
    1 Rear wheel with motor and tire
    1 Front wheel with tire
    1 Inverter and controls
    items and shipping in US DOLLARS.
    I live in Sweden
    Have a nice day

  4. Hi Guys
    We are interested for your Brushless Motor.
    You have the certificates for europe for this part (CE-documents etc)
    And by the way, os ot possible to buy also the front wheel inclusive tyre by you?

  5. Hi guys at UU. How do I place an order for 1000w 48v fat tyre hub motor? Dhl to Australia, Perth. And are they available now?

  6. puede ser enviado a México ?
    cual es el costo de motor 500 w, controlador y envío ?
    cp 23400 interés en varios pedidos.

      • mi correo ya fue enviado en el formato de comentario y recibí respuesta automática. por donde mas debo enviar mi correo? quiero varios motores y trabajar en compras constantes.

  7. Hi , i’m interested in your product.
    Have you this modell but with 48v 500w ?
    can you send to Austria and how much is the cost of product + shipping?

    • we can customize it to 48v 500w, the shipping cost to Austria may be need USD160 due to the big packing size.

  8. I do not need high power or high speed I just need to know what it can do. My application requires a range of slow to fast walking speed and I am using 4 motors so the power can be less.

  9. SCR18R questions:
    1) Will this motor run on 24v if yes what speed?
    2) What is the price $ for 4 motors?
    3) What is the price $ for shipping to the USA for 4 motors?
    4) Do you have a recommended controller that will work at 24V? If yes price $ for 4 motors and shipping to the USA.

    • we can make 24v version, but the power and speed will not high. What is your idea speed?

  10. Hi, 1) What’s the cost for shipping to Singapore?
    2) are there 1500w – 2000w for fat tyre scooter hub?
    3) What items do I need in order travel @„70 – 80km/h . ?


  11. When is this coming in the online store?

    Can you please tell me the shipping cost to Belgium?
    Can you contact me for a quote?


  12. Hi, would you be able to upload performance curves for this motor please? I’d also appreciate it if you can do the same for your 750W motor.
    Could you also quote me the total cost including shipping to the UK? Thank you!

    • Please email us for the buying details, it is not listed on our online store yet.

  13. Hi,
    i’m interested in your “1000w fat tire scrooser scooter hub motor” and controllers. Please send me the price for these items in US DOLLARS. I live in Canada.

    Thank you.


    • Yes, 500w is ok, the price will be the same. the shipping cost depends on your shipping address.

  14. Hi, i’m interested in your product-
    Can I buy ONE of this ?
    Can you send to Tucuman, Argentina ?
    How much is the cost of product + shipping ?
    And last, do you sell controller of this motor too ?


    Juan Bagur

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