TG10 suggested version is 36v 350w version, max speed 25km/h to 30km/h.This 10 inch hub motor means the motor tyre is 10inch, it is with a 10×2.125 tyre and tube(air tyre).

You could buy our new 10inch motor via paypal here

TG10 is  brushless gearless motor good for small electric bike, electric trikke, peak power 450w. The default version is 36v 350w.
net weight:≤3.6kg
rated torque: 6.5N.m
max torque:25N.m/32N.m
dropout size: 110mm-120mm(disc brake is ok)
waterproof grade:IP54
Max current:15A

TG10 TG10_2 TG10_1



The TG10 in electric trikke example:

SHM101_2 SHM101_3

TG10 36V testing curving, tg10-36v-350w-testing-data, tg10-36v-350w-drawing


51 thoughts on “10inch hub motor for electric scooter trikke 25-30km/h

  1. hola. hace un año compre un T8 sport y estaria interesado en saber si se le puede poner motor, porque me he operado y no puedo hacer el mismo esfuerzo. les agradeceria me dijesen si seria viable. me encanta ir en este gran vehiculo!! les agradeceria me digan algo.

  2. Hi,

    I have a T78 cs trikke running on 8″ tyres, would like to convert it to electric,
    Can you please advise price for the whole kit and what parts are included in the whole kit.
    Also please advise shipping cost to Malta Europe.

    Do you sell batteries or recommend any company for this ?

    Best regards,

  3. Hi
    I have a electric trikke 48V.
    I want to upgrade it to 60V, can the original motor run on 60V, if it can’t please send me a link to the a motor that can and will fit electric trikke.

  4. Hi
    I have a electric trikke 48V.
    I want to upgrade it to 60V, can the original motor run on 60V, if it can’t please send me the link to a motor that can and that will fit the electric trikke.

  5. Motor States Peak Power at 36V at 450W. How do you order this version?

  6. Good evening,

    Is there tyre 10×2.0 36v 350w motor hub for Inokim Quick 2 electric scooter?

  7. Do you have a complete kit for became my regular trikke in an electric one, I mean, to include battery, control board, etc?


    • Hello Roderick,

      We have motor, controller, braking levers, throttle. We do not have battery.

      • Thanks for your quick answer. I want to build one like the green trikke you have in this page. So, what is the price of the kit and do you have a battery recomendation?

      • I am interested in this assembly for my t8 air trikke- is this kit all I would need to convert my trikke too electric.

      • How can I buy this one? Cannot find it in your store?
        Another questions, does it come with a tube and a tire? If not, do you have a tube and a tire for it in your store?

  8. I am looking for à 12 inch wheel for à Trikke T12, do you have those as Well?

    • I need to know the TRIKKE T12 front Wheel fork size to decide which motor is ok for it.

  9. Hello,

    How can I order this TG10 hub motor wheel for USD85,00?
    I don’t see any link.
    And can you tell me something about the shipping costs to Holland?
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    greetings E-ric.

    • The shipping cost is USD95. You could pay via paypal and email us for buying details.

  10. Ok, i need 4 of this type of motor.
    Can you tell me the cost to send it to italy? How day?

    • Hello Enrico,

      If you buy 4 pcs, the shipping cost will be USD180 to Italy, and usually you could get the in 7 days. You could pay via paypal.

  11. Hello,
    I wan’t to use the TG10 350w for my electrical scooter college project and I need as much information on it’s controler, can you send E-mail me please?

    Thank you.

  12. 1. Please add some size specifications as it is for all other motors.
    2. Does tire 10×2.0 fit or 0.125 is necessary?

  13. Hallo,

    i am interested in the 10 inch motor. Would you please contact me per Email? I really want to discuss with you.


  14. Good afternoon,

    Is there a 36V 250W version? If yes I would wish more information like the testing curving, the testing data and its drawing.

    Thanks, waiting your answer.


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