10kw brushless motor for electric car


Model Rated voltage
Rated/peak power(Kw) rated/max speed
Rated/peak torque(N.m) rated/peak current(A) effi%) cooling 
BLT7.5/15-2500/72 72 7.5/15 2500/3500 28.65/110 115.74/650 90 air
BLT9/18-2800/96 96 9/18 2800/4500 30.69/110 104.17/650 90 air





Electric car motor with bridge 72v 96v 7.5kw to 18kw




23 thoughts on “10kw bldc motor for electric car

  1. I want the motor(BLT9/18-2800/96) with speed controls control kit, without excel and wheel drums.
    I want to use the motor for paragliding purpose .
    please give me the price of kit.


  2. Hello,,

    if anybody advice please what is the suitable conversion kit to modify my car from ICE to a pure electric,
    my car spec’s are:
    – needed power : 27 HP
    – Torque: 67N.m @ 2000 rpm
    – rpm :3600
    -GVW: 1800 Kg
    – multi-speeds option is needed
    -desired milage around 80km
    -max. speed 60 km/hr
    – terrain car

    advice please

  3. How/where can l reach you for the 10 kW Bldc motor and/or10 kW car conversion kit. Farouk.

  4. I would to like know if this 10 kw motor is suitable for motor car with a curb weight of 800 kg
    What is the maximum speed that can be achieved or is it possible to travel over 100 klm ph
    with this motor
    Which type battery pack is suitable for this motor.
    what price in Australian $
    Kind Regard Ivan

  5. It is the 3 phase motor-generator?
    With What maximum quantity of magnets and poles you can manufacture the motor-generator?
    On what maximum Supply voltage, at the minimum number of turns on 1 volt, you can manufacture the motor-generator?
    What greatest possible power?
    Specify the prices of samples, please with delivery in the USA 11230

  6. Hi
      Price, full catalog
    If you use the maximum vehicle speed will be much
    The control system also introduce

  7. How much does this weight for 72V

    Can this be customized to fit the QuietKat. Width of back wheels to be between 30 to 32 inches.

    Can it be made to fit a max outside diameter tire of 13″.

    This is for off road scooter we manufacture in USA.

  8. Boa noite ! gostaria de converte meu veiculo para eletrico , ele pesa 850KG originalmente o motor a gasolina tem 50 cv e 11Kgf de torque a velocidade maxima é de 120km/h , você tem algo que me atenderia ?

  9. I want to buy electrical car for 10 kW motor DC water colling complate pleace

  10. I want to build an electric car. It has been a passion for a very long time. I think I will like to go for a 10kw. Can you please tell me how to get you to send me all the required info and materials needed. Also if I were to build a 2 seater car with max speed of about 200km/h, could you give me specification needed to achieve this. Thank you and God bless you. MANIFEST OVERFLOW

  11. с какой скоростью сможет ехать автомобиль.какие надо аккумуляторы.сколько

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