12 inch gearless motorHB13GL is a 13 inch gearless brushless hub motor 36v 48v  350w to 800w Disc braking
1. 36v 500w,48V 800W Gearless motor
2. 13 inch with off-road tire
3. motor rim 6 inch
4. tyre specfication 13 x 4.10-6
5. max speed 35km/h
6. dropout size: 135mm.
We can also customize this motor to 350w to 800w, speed 25km/h to 50km/h.

This motor could be in different size tire as this link hl12gl-tyre. Buy it via paypal from our onlin shop http://www.uumotor.com/store/57-12-inch-gearless-brushless-hub-motor-48v-500w.html

The is our new small hub motor is gearless so the motor life is longer and lower noise. And also it is regen braking as we know that most geared motors can not suport regen braking. If you are looking for such a 12 inch gearless motor, we are your best choice.

Here is the 36v 500w brushless motor testing curving.

500w 12 inch gearless hub motor curving

The HB12GL motor drawing of such 12 inch gearless hub motor without tyre

motor drawing gearless motor 12 inch

Actual products from our customer,

48v 500w motor


72 thoughts on “13 inch 500w gearless hub motor direct drive regen braking

  1. Hi,
    I need two entire wheels to run a platform for fruit picking.
    It would run at speed of 1/2 to 1 meter per minute.
    The wight will be 2.000 kg at max 10% inclination.
    What would you recommend me to use and do you ship to Bosnia or Croatia?

  2. I have Kneerover All Terrain scooter with 12 inch pneumatic tires. I want to replace the single rear tire… 70 mm fork/dropout & v-brake… with a 12in hub motor with Li ion battery & controller … with (preferred) regenerative or V-brake. Is this possible?

    C Cotter

  3. Hi there,
    Can you do a low speed (8km/hr), 24v, 500 watt version of this for me?
    I will need two.
    Single sided axle preferred.

      • Hi there,
        we built a three wheeled mobility vehicle with a top speed of 6-8 mph. at the moment It has a 24 volt brushed motor driving a 12 inch diameter wheel. we have a regen braking controller that stops the buggy in a very short distance. We tried a 12 inch diameter wheel on a brushless motor with regen braking, but no matter what we did we couldn’t get it to stop as quickly as the original motor. would your motor stop as quickly?

        • if your motor has no EMB braking, the main braking force will depend on your controller.

          • can you suggest anybody who could supply another 36v controller with regen braking?

  4. I would like to build a mobility scooter.
    12” hub motor, speed from 0 to 25km/h
    range about 25-30 km
    with electric magnetic brakes, when braking it recharge the battery
    with revers capability

    which motor I need, do you have a complete kit?

  5. Hi.

    I need a couple of HUBs for a trolley. Do you have or know about any motors that is able to carry 250 kg of weight?

    Than you

  6. Hi, I have a Trikke T12 & T8 scooters. The tyre sizes are 12.5 x 2.25 inches & 8.5 x 2 inches. I want to convert either to electric front wheel drives. I don’t need any brakes as I have disc brakes on the rear wheels. I am looking at a powerful motor to climb hills.

    Thank you

    • Hi Jake,

      This motor dropout size is 145mm, so it may not ok for the trikke T12 or T8.

  7. I am looking for a 12/14″ electric scooter kit with brushless regen motor (including front tyre).

    – The motor should be able to carry 150Kg weight.
    – Made for In-city travel (account for bumpy rides)
    – Handle varied speed levels and backward motion
    – Top speed of 25Km/hr

    I need both wheels with tyres. What will be the cost incl shipping and time to deliver?

  8. Dear
    I want to speedup my scooter
    Gilera runner sp 50cc
    Need front 800w 36v wheel 120/70-12 without tyre but must have disc 220mm
    Controller, Hand Brakes off switch
    Thumb Throttle
    Battery Power Indicator
    Price with shipping to Croatia Europe
    Best regards

    • Hello Kresimir,

      Currently, we only have 48v 800w motor now. Will be this motor ok?

      • Hello
        Tanks for fast reply
        48 v is ok
        What is with oder requirement
        And price
        Best regards

  9. hi – i was wondering if i could get this with mono shaft — 12 inch 500w gearless hub motor direct drive regen braking Gareth

    • Yes, we can do it for you. The price will be increased USD20 each motor

  10. Hi.
    Thank you for answering my question.
    Please tell me how much is the total cost (tire only & shipping cost) ?

  11. Hi.
    We bought this motor(HL12GL-4.10-3.50-6) on April 2th and we recieved on April 10.
    Can I order only tire (HL12GL- 15×6.00-6)?

    • Hello Bon Yong,

      Yes, you can order only the tire 15×6-6, but this tire is expesive, it is USD35 each.

  12. Hi-
    We want to This motor datasheet.
    We need more information.
    If you can,
    plz send datasheet to our e-mail.

  13. Hellow. Sir
    I bought this model(48v 800w)
    I have a question
    What is the inductance(La), resistance(Ra) this model?
    Plz…. answer the question as soon as possible.

  14. Hi.
    If I order on April 1th, how long does it take to ship to South Korea.
    I would like to receive as soon as possible.

  15. Hi, im interested in a motor something similar to this one ’12 inch 500w gearless hub motor direct drive regen braking’ but i would like to have a slightly different specifications, is that possible? im looking at something like:

    -36 Volts
    -350-500 Watts (lower the better, as it is less power hungry, but let me know what is the disadvantage with lesser power will it hv lesser torque or something?)
    -20-25km/h speed, with good torque
    – 8-10 inches diameter
    – MUSTbe able to do regenerative braking
    -road tyres (with tube and inflatable)

    Also are you able to supply a front wheel (with disc brake) of similar size but without motor to use it as the front wheels? Do quote me with prices and shipping to Australia.

    im really interested with the motors you are able to offer as im working on my uni project which is a solar electric scooter with regen braking.

    Thanks for ur advise.

  16. Hi.
    Please inform me the 48v versions of this motor(500w,800w)
    what is the max torque, rated torque?

  17. Dear Sir,

    Regarding Model: HB12GL, 12 inch 500w gearless hub motor, what is the maximum load/weight capacity and what is the hill climbing rating with maximum load? I am considering using the product to make my own 3 wheel riding golf trolly; would this be an appropriate use for this motor? Also, what would be the shipping costs to Denver, Colorado, USA?

    Thank you,

    • The max weight is 150KG, Max climbing is 10 Degree. It is ok to work with your application. The shipping cost to USA is USD105

  18. Hi
    I wonder whether the tire attached to the motor can sperate or not.

  19. Model: HB12GL Price USD155 Promotion Price USD115
    hello just wondering is this a highspeed motor i would like this at 48v 800watts with disk brake if possible and a price for shipping to los angles usa thanks

    • Hello Robert,

      If you buy 48v 800w, the max speed will be about 45km/h to 50km/h, and price USD145, the shipping cost to USA is USD105

      Total cost USD250.

  20. Hi, i want to know this model can reversed direction or no, and if yes the controller will suported that or no ,

  21. Dear sir, I’ve been looking for a long time for a small hub motor that used the 6″ or 8″ lawn-&-garden equipment rim size and used those type of tires to build a small highly compact but also high power folding bike to take on the bus with me between towns and zip around town on.

    I believe that if I used the largest outside diameter tires available available for this 6″ rim size that measure 14″-15″ outside diameter instead of the usual 12″-13″ outside diameter combined with running two of these motors in both back and front wheel (custom wide front fork, yes, I do realize, I weld my own frames and forks and such so not a problem) that should be capable of giving me both the RPM’s/wheel-size combination and power output to keep me in the 25-mph speed zone (40-kph) so I can keep up with in-town traffic (25-mph speed limit on most in-town roads) without pedaling and with pedaling boost my speed up a little over that approaching but not exceeding 30-mph which is the maximum legal speed that an e-bike can go by law in my state and not have to register it as a motorcycle.

    Question is, can these motors handle being constantly run at maximum output with slightly larger tires to obtain that kind of performance as a daily exercise putting 10-miles or more a day on them nearly every day all year long? How long could they be realistically expected to last under such conditions and how often would I need to change them out? With programmable controllers I can limit the motor phase side current (unlike a normal controller which only limits battery side current) so that they don’t overheat when loaded down due to amp multiplication effect at low RPM but still I’ll be constantly running them at or near top end power output and/or near top end RPM.

    Also, how many magnet pole pairs are used in these motors? Need that info to figure out how high the electronic RPM gets for controller selection since I’ll need to run twin balanced programmable controllers (probably either Infineon or Kelly).

  22. Please contact me as soon as possible as I have some questions related to your Model: HB12GL hub motor. I can be reached via email. Thank you.

  23. Please inform me rated current, rated power, rated speed at each rated voltage.
    And is maximun speed limited by rotational speed?

    • The standard version of this motor is 35km/h in max speed, rated power 36v 500w, and we can also make it 48v 500w.

  24. hello,

    I’m looking for this type of hub motor but with tubeless road tires.

    Can we put tires of pocket-bike 110-50/6.5 on this rim ?

    Is it more powerful than 500w in this rim size version ?


    Best regards

  25. quier andar a 55 o 60 km/h en una scooter de 10 pulgadas de rueda…ustedes tienen algún producto que pueda desarrollar es velocida? que precio tendría…muchas gracias

  26. Hi,
    Is there a front wheel version of this motor that fits a 125mm or narrower dropouts?

    Is this a Hall sensored motor?


    • Hi Myron,

      We can provide the front wheel, but is is not motor(only a wheel). And this motor is surely hall sensored motor.

  27. Do you have a faster configuration then the 35 kmh 36V 500W version? Will the 36V 500W version take 48V and drive faster to about 45-50 kmh? Are you able to manufacture this motor in a configuration of 45-50 kmh?
    Thank you

    • Hi Avi,

      I do not suggest to make such small motor into that higher speed, the motor is easy to be burnt at too hiher speed.

  28. you need to use the separated disc brake. We have a controller for this motor but controller has no regen braking functions.

  29. Thank you for the information, to clarify can you please confirm whether or not this has a brake built into it? Or would I have to use a separate disc brake?

    Can you supply the controller for this motor?

  30. Does this have braking built into it? Also, can you put an on-road tyre on it instead of the off-road type?

    • Hello James Allen,

      This 500W motor is gearless bruhleess dc motor, so it support regen braking. Any way, it needs your controller has the regen braking feature. Please noted that this regen braking is not the electromagnetic brake. We have the on-road tyre tyre and 48v 500w version, the total weight is about 6.5kg.

  31. I require the 48v 500W version, please let me know how much these weigh.

    James Allen

  32. Hi, I require 24v versions of this motor with tyre, what is the highest output option available for this?

    James Allen

    • Hello James, for the 24v version, the power will be 350w. Max speed 20km/h.

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