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12 inch geared hub motor
  • Model: BS90
  • Price: USD115

The compact 12 inch scooter hub motor, geared, brushless dc with hall sensors, dropout size 85mm. freewheel. It is very good for small dropout size electric scooters. It is ok to convert the Trikke T12 to electric.

Voltage: 24-48v, power 180w-350w, speed 15km/h-30km/h. We also have a electric Trikke T12 conversion kit from this motor,which includes motor, controller, throttle, braking lever.

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12 inch brushless scooter motor
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12 inch geared scooter motor

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  1. Also can you tell me shipping cost to Los Angeles ca. zip code 91324,, I cant find the price of the wheel with controller and digital and everything here.

      • Also Tony i cant find the kit on you website when i go to the store, . there are some 12 powered hubs but i dont see this compact one for Trikke 12 with your model # Model: BS90, please let me know,,. We just got these trikke 12 from a guy out here near Venice beach, like 15 of these T 12 scooter and we are going to rent them out but everybody wants them powered, so thats why im trying to get the infomation to convert at least 5 at first see how hard it will be. Thanks Jon

        • If you like disc braking version, we can customize it for you. It is ok to make a dropout size 100mm motor with disc braking bracket.We will send you the photo via email.

  2. oh good info,, this is the motor i need for trikke 12. can i put it on the 2 back wheels with one controller or 2 and can i still connect the disk brakes that comes with it to existing trikke back wheel hub area. i think the back hub is 4 inchs space 102mm.

    • this motor has no place to add disc brake to it , it only ok for V brake. If you want two motors, you need two controllers, we have no dual drive controller yet.

      • Tony what is the V break, and if i did 2 kits with 2 controller do you know if one wheel will push faster than the other and i will feel it when driving the scooter. with you experience with working with these motor powered wheels, . do you think it would work.

    • the price is the same as the website shows, and the shipping is by air express, it denpends on where to ship the motor.

  3. 12 inch 350w electric hub motor gearless

    What is this product’s brake type? I read it includes electric braking levers, this means what?

  4. I’d like to place a motor kit order.

    Model : HUB12SR
    1. 36V 250W
    2. 30pcs
    3. Brake type : Electromagnetic brake and disc brake
    4. Opptional function of Controller : Change of rotation of motor
    5. Throttle type : Thumb throttle
    6. Can you please tell me shipping period and price, motor drawing image ?
    – Address : A-2101 Daesung D-polis 606, seobusaet-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea.
    – Zip/Postal code : 08504
    7. Please give me(e-mail) an invoice of the above terms and conditions.
    PS. Are you possible Single shaft(cable)?

  5. can this 12 in hub motor go slow enough to be able to walk behind or to the side? Approximately 4 miles per hour and having about 50 lbs it is carrying. That is what I’m looking for. Also have an on/off switch and the ability to dial in the speed.

  6. Good morning, I have a few questions:
    We are looking for the Rear Drive version of HUB12SR
    which is 48V 350W ,
    Do you have the sine wave controller matching this?
    Can the cover be chromed too?
    Is the diameter of the wheel plus the tire 12 inch?
    we want the front wheel without motor,so do you supply the 12 inch front wheel without motor?
    Can this motor have a drum break?
    Is there any other tire options?
    :Do you have a technical diagram.

  7. Any chance to make it maximum efficient on 82V?
    What about use it as a front wheel?
    Any chance to get disk and support with this wheel?

    • Sorry, the max voltage is 48v. It is ok to use as a front wheel drive. We can add a disc braking base to the motor so that it can support disc braking.

  8. Hello,

    i have some questions: Does the motor have a disc brake mount support (6 hole type)? Is it possible to use a 12″ x 1,75 tyre? Thanks

    • Hello Christian,

      We an use a extra flange to make the motor using 6 hole disc braking. Currently, the tire is only one type. You could use the 1.75 tire at your side.

  9. Hi,
    I’m looking into building a 2 wheel scooter for adults running on lifepo4 36v 10Ah battery. I need 12″ power wheel able to achieve 20kph with 100kg adult (120kg in total). What power should I look for? Do you have such hub size and power?

  10. I am looking at this motor for a mountainboard project (Outback Mountainboard), what is the max speed at 48v 350w front 100mm dropout type motor?

    • For dropout size 100mm,we need to customize it for you, and the lead time is a little long. The max speed can reach 35km/h

  11. good Morning,
    I would like a test engine and then take another with these characteristics,
    disc brake
    100mm fork
    you can have all the characteristics of a motor so
    tanks Paolo

    • Hi Paolo,

      could you let me know what size of the motor do you need? this 12inch motor? We have 100mm fork size front wheel motor 36v 250w version.

    • Hello John, what is your application? why so lower power and what is the dropout size of the motor you reqestion?

      • My application is driving a robot, I don’t need any more power since my payload is 40 to 80 lbs across 2 wheels. I need about 13 Nm of torque.

        Is it possible for a 12v Brushless version.

        How about having the axil only on one side like some of the smaller scooter wheels.


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