12 inch sooter motorModel:HUB12SRUSD135
Dropout size: 112mm/116mm
Shaft length:172mm/176mm
The hub rim diameter: 220mm
The whole motor with inflatable tyre is 12 inch, air tyre specification 12 1/2 x 2.75.

HUB12SR 12 inch hub motor Performance Data

 This is a 36v 250w or 350w 12 inch brushless hub motor for electric bicycle or scooter.This hub motor is very popular rear motor and also could be used for the front wheel drive. If is very good to use this electric hub motor to build electric children scooter. You could also buy the 12 inch front wheel without motor. We have also the front 12 inch hub motor which is in the same appearance. 

HUB12SR-12inch-motor_1 HUB12SR-12inch-motor_2 HUB12SR-12inch-motor_3 HUB12SR-12inch-motor_4
Buy this motor now: http://www.uumotor.com/store/72-12-inch-250w-electric-hub-motor.html 

The 25ow and 35ow version motor drawing.

12 inch 250w drawing 12 inch 350w drwaing 2

We also have a complete ket includes, 12 inch brushless motor, controller,speed throttle, brake levers . Do you like it as follows:


thumb throttle version kit


twist throttle version kit



10 thoughts on “12 inch scooter motor brushless gearless 250w-350w

  1. Hello,

    i have some questions: Does the motor have a disc brake mount support (6 hole type)? Is it possible to use a 12″ x 1,75 tyre? Thanks

    • Hello Christian,

      We an use a extra flange to make the motor using 6 hole disc braking. Currently, the tire is only one type. You could use the 1.75 tire at your side.

  2. Hi,
    I’m looking into building a 2 wheel scooter for adults running on lifepo4 36v 10Ah battery. I need 12″ power wheel able to achieve 20kph with 100kg adult (120kg in total). What power should I look for? Do you have such hub size and power?

    • Hello Konrad,

      For the motor power is ok, We have two kinds of 12 inch motors, what is your scooter fork size for motor?

  3. I am looking at this motor for a mountainboard project (Outback Mountainboard), what is the max speed at 48v 350w front 100mm dropout type motor?

    • For dropout size 100mm,we need to customize it for you, and the lead time is a little long. The max speed can reach 35km/h

  4. good Morning,
    I would like a test engine and then take another with these characteristics,
    disc brake
    100mm fork
    you can have all the characteristics of a motor so
    tanks Paolo

    • Hi Paolo,

      could you let me know what size of the motor do you need? this 12inch motor? We have 100mm fork size front wheel motor 36v 250w version.

    • Hello John, what is your application? why so lower power and what is the dropout size of the motor you reqestion?

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