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15 inch gear hub motor for wheelbarrow
  • Model: M3PI
  • Price: USD145

Now We have this motor with several tire version, you can follow these link 14.5 inch wheelbarrow motor.13 inch wheelbarrow motor10 inch electric wheelbarrow motor18 inch electric wheelbarrow motor.

Motor: 15 inch Brushless Geared hub Motor
Hallsensor: YES (5 hall sensor wires)
Brake type: Disc brake
Motor wheel size( include the tire): 15 inch tractor tubeless air tire
Tire Model: 15×5-6 Vacuum tire(380mm diameter,110mm tire width)
Max Torque: 59 N.M
Rated power : 500W
Rated voltage :36V 48V
No-load current: <1.5A
pole pairs:15
gear ratio:6
Speed : 7-15km/h
Load Weight: 100kg-150kg
Dropout size : 135-145 mm
motor weight with tire : about 7 kg

wheelbarrow motor size drawing
48v 500w geared wheelbarrow motor testing data

5 responses to “15 inch off road wheelbarrow geared hub motor”

  1. Hello
    I am interesting to buy 2 electric motor 15 ‘’ like that one
    What would be the delay to send it until France ?
    I would need a complete kit, without batterie.

      • Thanks for the answer !
        Now, I have a technical question :
        I want to built something like a small electric car which can be drive on the land, like sand, earth and can carry heavy things. I plan to buy 2 or this wheel motor, especially if it can really go from 7 to 25 km/h. Is it really that speed ?
        I am used to built experimental électrique moving machine, and I put many solar panels in order to be autonome with the sun.
        This machine will be for the jordanien désert,
        Can you confirm me that this wheel (M2PI 15 inch) can go from 7 to 25 km/h.
        I really need that speed. Thanks.

        • If not, do you have something which can have strong torque and can go until 25 km/h Max with 500w max on each wheel ?
          If not, maybe I should put 2 kinds of wheel motor on the same machine : one kind like wheelbarrow motor and an other kind like fat scooter motor (but 60km/h is too fast)…
          Do you have any suggestion ?

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