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16 inch e bike conversion kit
  • Model: KIT48500S
  • Price: USD235

It is a 48v 500w electric sooter kit and electric bike conversion kit. We have front wheel motor dropout size 100mm and 120mm, rear wheel motor dropout size 135mm.
1. 16 inch 48v 500w brushless hub motor with tyre, motor shaft length 170mm.
2. 48v 500w brushless controller
3.twist throttle/ thumb throtte
4. LcD dispay battery gauge
5. brake levers
The tyre size for this 48v 500w electric scooter is 16″ x 2.15  and we can also find 16×2.5 tires for you.

the fronwheel motor drawing.

16 inch scooter motor

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  1. Hi
    I’m looking to import conversion kits to Thailand.
    At this stage i’m still searching for the right product.
    To be honest, i know nothing about EV motor conversions.
    Could you please point me in the right direction, as to what will be the best motor to get, i’m looking at hub motors. The tire sizes is from 10 to 16 inches( not 100% sure)
    Also, would you be able to supply(export) to Thailand ?
    Best rgds
    Joseph Muller

  2. Quick question the controller has regen braking does it us resistor type control or feeds
    Back into battery ?

  3. Could I use this to replace the front wheel on a baby jogger, I’m looking for just a little motor assist when hiking. The wheel on the jogger is 16 inch

  4. Good day, I am building a kick scooter for use in walking (running) my dog. I plan is to use a 14s battery pack, nominal voltage 52 volts. I would like to use a 16″ rim bicycle rim, as wide as possible (2.15″ tire width minimum) Watts 500 minimum, prefer 1,000 watt hub motor. Disc break attached, Would like a full kit.
    Thanks Mike

  5. I had put my 16″ wheel of yo bike in hero bike now I want to change rear wheel also so I want 16″ rear wheel motor of 48volt250watts and also a control which can suit to this motor

  6. Dear Mr., I would like to ask you some questions about your product.
    14 “front wheel motor without disc brake.
    Could you give me the fronwheel motor drawing?
    what battery would you advise me?
    what delivery time and the price of said product.
    Thank you very much.

  7. Thanks for the answer, it’s good to know that, pls can u say me the tire sizeis it only wide 2.15 inch ?
    A normal scooter (Honda) 50 cc, for a hybrid prototype, is 3-4 inches wide.
    I suppose about this point u don’t have (for this kit) a different tire, but maybe u have a different solution, like for example … a different kit, better suitable for our purpose, 3-4 inch wide ?

  8. Dearseller, I need a front hub motor to build an hybrid scooter.
    I Use the combustion engine, and replace the front tyre with this hub motor.
    I yet built 5 ebike, and one with dual controller, dual motor e-bike on my last prototype, it was a very fast and responsive ebike.
    my new project is to have the following power load balance:
    75% on combustion engine, and 25% on front hub motor.
    I can arrange the diagram, and I know (I suppose) the type of controller you are putting boundle with this kit.

    I have the battery (2 set for a total of 15 Ampere LiFe4 36 Volt) and I need a regen brake feature.
    I can put my own controller, if you cannot give me the one I need.

    Is this tire ready for regen brake ?
    Does it have a standard brake too ?

    How is possible to brake ?



    • We can provide controller for this motor. The motor is ok to regen braking, and our controller is also has regen braking. For this motor, it is ok to add disc braking holes for the standard brake

  9. I like the 16″ diameter, but it would be better for my application to get a knobby tread. It it possible to get such a tread for this kit?

  10. I would understand if you can:
    a- to make it go back and forth.
    b- have a suitable battery to the system.
    c- have a diagram of the circuit.
    d- all the material how much it costs.

  11. Hi.
    If I have this model, can I control forward and reverse?
    Can I use different controller without hall effect sensor input?
    I want to buy the tyre, how much it cost?

    • Hello Lee,

      The kit includes the trye, so you need not to buy tyre separately. We can customize the controller with forward and reverse but the default setting, the controller can not make run reverse. You can use a different controller but the controller must be brushless with hall effect sensors, phase angle 120 degree.

  12. Hi…This is very interesting hub kit. I’d like to konw what speed we are looking at for this kit? Best regards.

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