16 inch hub motorU48500S is a 48v 500w 16 inch hub motor wheel for electric scooter and motorcycle kit.
disc brake appliacation
dropout size 100mm(front wheel drive) or 135mm(rear wheel drive).
16″ casted wheel with 2.15 tyre
We also have this 500w motor conversion kits for scooters which is USD235 each as show in the photos
1. 16 inch 48v 500w brushless hub motor with tyre
2. 48v 500w brushless controller
3. thumb throtte
4. battery gauge
5. brake levers
6. disc braking plate
The tyre size for this 48v 500w electric scooter is 16″ x 2.15
The whole kit buying via paypal here: http://www.uumotor.com/store/58-16-inch-500w-electric-scooter-motor.html

16 inch 500w hub motor
16 inch 500w hub motor


35 thoughts on “16 inch 500w hub motor for electric scooter

  1. Hi, I have an Electric Wheel EW-18 3 wheel front hub brushless motor scooter. It is similar to the Zappy. It has a 350 watt motor and a 36volt controller. I want to upgrade to a 500 watt hub motor. I have already added another battery to my 36 volt and bought a 48 volt charger. It increased speed from 14 to 19mph but I think the controller has given out after a few months of riding it. The charger lights stay green whether I try to charge 3 batteries at 36volts or all four with a 48 volt charger. I will probably need a kit with a new throttle. What do you recommend and how much will it cost to get it to Phoenix, AZ? Would it be better to just spend 700 on a new 500 watt scooter?

    • The space between my forks is approximately 175mm. Would this be the dropout width?


    • first, please check your controller whether it accepts 36v and 48v voltage. Some controller can work on different voltage range. If the controller also works on 48v voltage, just use 48v battery to run the motor and no problem. If you want more powerful motor, I suggest you also change a big power controller.

  2. I need a front hub motor. The brake shows 100 servo. Brushless. Controller is 48volt. 2-12volt 12ah batteries. I think the motor is 350watt, but if you have something the same or higher that would work, please let me know and what price to ship to San Diego California. I have pictures of everything if that would help.

  3. Hello,
    What is the tyre specification? Or can you please tell the sidewall to sidewall dimension?

    It would be great if you could send a drawing of the CAD.

  4. Can you please provide a drawing of the hub motor dimensions showing diameter, width, and mounting shaft? I need to check the mechanical compatibility with my moped. Thank you.

  5. can this go on front of my razor eco smart was going to upgrade scooter to have two wheel drive, i,m gonna buy a new 48v cobtroller and 48v speed twist handle can both be controlled by same twist handle i figure each would need there own controller and battery pack

    • you need to check first whether your motor and controller are brushed or brushless. If they are brushless, this motor should be ok.

  6. Can you supply a set of 4 16 inch motor wheels operated from one controller with reverse?

  7. I have a Tao Tao ATE-501 electric scooter/bike with a 16″ 48v 20 Ah 500w brushless rear hub wheel motor. I want to replace it with an 800w brushless rear hub wheel motor. I would need the entire wheel (including tire, tube, etc.). Do you carry this item?

    Thank you,

    James Davis


  9. Hello, I would like to add a 16″ 500watt hub motor to my Eco Smart Metro scooter by Razor and was wondering if this would fit and what else would I need to buy? Thanks

    • We only has this motor, do not have a matching controller. you also need a controller, battery, throttle, and so on.

    • No, it needs the controller to controller forward and reverse. Our motor phase angle is 120 degree.

  10. i wish to buy a 16inch front tire mounted 36v 350w/500w brushless motor for my zappy escooter. what do you recommend ?
    thank you, brian

    • We can customize such a motor for you, I need to know if your front wheel dropout size is 100mm , and does it use any types braking?

  11. Greetings,

    can this motor hub be custom to 1000w or higher ?

    warmest regards

    • I need to replace my Zappy front wheel hub motor assembly.16in,36v350w/500w.Do you have a simple replacement assy? Thank you…..Brian

        • Dear Tony, thanks for your response. I do not know what a dropout is.The scooter model is es3502. Purchased from Wiztem. Same scooter sold under different names..Nothing special about it. I hope this helps. Thanks,Brian

          • The dropout size is the fork size for the motor assembly. I checked the scooter, it is ok for our motor to replace it.

  12. Hi do you have larger motors available? I need to get between 60 and 80kmh

  13. i have purchased a 16 inch 48v 500amp wheel and motor could you please give me an aproximate maximum speed

    • Hi Max,

      The max spee is 30km/h. By the way, we have sent your order by DHL.

  14. Hello
    I have some questions about in the 3 wheel scooter front wheel installed hub electric motor.
    Does it drive only forward?
    Is it possible to drive a reverse?
    Or does it need any special, different, equipment?

    • Hello Arnis,

      For our hub motor, it is ok for the reverse and it needs your controller have the reverse support too. Usually, the gearless hub motor and run in both direction but some geared motor do not support reverse.

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