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  • Model: TG6KIT
  • Price: USD195

The TG6KIT kit includes:

1. 250w 6 inch brushless hub motor,dropout size 65mm

2. brushless motor controller, e braking

3. thumb throttle for braking

4.twist/thumb throttle/half-twist throttle with battery indicator

half-twist throttle version
twist throttle version
thumb throttle version
wmtc01-no LCD dispaly version wire explain.
controller wires guide

For the motor details, please refer to here https://www.uumotor.com/dropout-size-65mm-hollow-tire-6-inch-gearless-hub-motor.html

For the controller detail, please refer to here https://www.uumotor.com/180w-350w-brushless-motor-controller

12 responses to “250w scooter 6 inch motor and controller kit”

  1. Looks great! Is this product (or a similar one) still available?

    I guess the cables 9 (phase cables) and the cables 8 (hall sensors) are connected to the motor itself but to what do you connect the other cabling of the controller such as 7 (throttle), 6 (PAS), 5 (motor learning), 4 (reverse switch) and 3 (braking)?

    Also, what would be the shipping costs to the Netherlands?

    • Hello Sir, the motor only has 8 cables(3 phase cables, and 5 hall sensors cables). All other function wires, like throttle, braking , reversing switch, and so on, they are from motor controllers. The shipping cost for such kit to Netherlands now may be USD135.

  2. Hi
    I wish to buy 2x 6″ kits to fit on one scooter – can they easily be combined to work from a single throttle abs 2x brake levers?

      • I understand you need 2x controllers…but can you use just one throttle to control both?
        Also I mean with the brake…how do you apply the brake with a thumb throttle?..does it twist in reverse direction? Or do your use brake levers?

        • yes, it is ok to control by just one throttle. To brake, use a thumb throttle, the e braking controller accepts the thumb throttle signal to apply braking force.

  3. Can I get the online store link for this scooter conversion kit please. I can’t find it in the online store. How long does the shipment would take to post it to Philippines? and how much would it be? Thank you for your assistance.

    • For the 6inch kit, we did not put it online store yet, you could email us for buying. The shipping cost will be USD95

  4. i would like to buy 6 inch hub electric scooter kit.
    i will like to know if you can ship this item to Israel and how much will it cost
    thank you for your assistience

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