HL8G is 250w brushless hub motor without hall sensors
8 inch  wheel with tyre disc braking available motor
We also have brushless sensorless controller for this 8 inch motor
Motor power range: 36v 250w,24V 180W,48v 250w,Max speed: 6km/h to 18km/h.
Buy it directly from our online shop here: http://www.uumotor.com/store/31-8-inch-small-motor-no-hall-sensors-for-electric-scooter.html

Please noted that this sensorless motor do not have holes for disc brake,  if you want a disc braking version, please inform us first to make the holes for you to assemble the disc brake plate. This brushless motor is very good for electric kids scooter and wheelchair

Main Specification:
wheel  diameter:8″
net weight:≤3Kg
waterproof grade:IP54

HL8G_3 HL8G_2 HL8G_1 HL8G

We have simiar 10 inch sensorless hub motor , which you may also like.


Here is the motor drawing and testing curving in 36v 250w for your reference.
8 inch sensorless motor


36V 250W testing data:
8 inch sensorless motor

We have the controller for this motor and it works for both hall sensors motor and hall sensorless motor.

Example photos of small electric scooter converted by our motor from a normal scooter

1 2 3 4

motor in rear vehicle


10 thoughts on “250w sensorless hub motor 8 inch brushless with tyre 24v 36v 48v

  1. There is no description of wiring for the three wires coming out of the electric whell “ND 24V 180W 2015.
    Please describe the wiring directly to the battery.

    • it needs a controller to connect to the motor. It is not ok just to connect the battery to the motor.

  2. I would like to know if it is possible to order a single HL8G 8 inch wheel with tyre disc braking and one controller and the total price (shipment included).
    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards.

    • Hello Gergio,

      We can offer you the one controlle with two controller, but the single shaft will cannot use disc braking, the braking will be made by controller. You can buy it directly from our online shop here electric wheelchair kit

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