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  • Model: MX25-DC
  • Price: USD59

The MX25-DC is for brushless dc motors which have Electromagnetic brakes, which are also called electro-mechanical brakes or EM brakes. It supply 24v,36v,48v for the EM brakes,mainly depends on the batteries’ voltages. It has an updated version of sine wave, and price is adjusted to USD69 each.The horn function is disabled for the programming firmware.

Max continuous current 25A
24V-36V-48V batteries universal
This is not a joystick controller, it only can control one motor. For the dual power, you need to use two controllers to control two motors.

Programming sofware download link: MX650_programming_for_window_32bit MX650_programming_for_window_64bit

General programming instruction:MX programming manual

Controller software installtion error solution.

8 responses to “25A 24V-48V universal emb bldc motor controller”

  1. Day,

    Is it possible to tune the controller less aggressively in acceleration? What parameters do I need for that? Acceleration is at 0%.

  2. HI,
    How can i change the acceleration? It’s on 0 %, but it accerates to quick, for our customers it’s better that the acceleration is more smooth and slower.

    • to make the acceleration value smaller. If it is zero, it is not set successfully. We have upgrade this controller to sine wave version, which is better.

  3. Is there any more documentation on the regenerative braking functionality? Also what does the PAS section stand for on the software interface?

    • I think the PAS is the set up parameters for ” peddle assist”
      You set the speed at which the motor engages-assists which saves a lot of battery and motor stress by putting the ” body in motion” , so to speak.

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