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  • Model: HB3GL
  • Price: USD95

We can make HB3GL 12v,24v or 36v version, power 50w to 150w, speed 2800rpm.

Rated voltage: 24-48 v
Power: 100-200 w
Motor type: bldc gearless hub motor
Net weight: 0.7kg
Out diameter:70mm
tire width:52mm
Motor shaft:M12
Number of hall sensors: 3 pcs
No load speed: 24V900RPM(0.35A);36V1350RPM(0.38A);48V1850RPM(0.42A)
Rated speed:700-1800RPM customizable
Rated tore:3-5Nm

3inch-motor-1 3inch-motor-2 3inch-motor-3 3inch-motor-4 3inch-motor-570小电机双出轴-ModelHB3GL-B HB3GL-B_3 HB3GL-B_2 HB3GL-B_1

HB3GL-B drawing

43 responses to “3 inch small brushless dc hub motor”

  1. Model: HB3GL will this motor mount up to the hub on a Crazy Cart shift ?
    Or do you have a 6″ hub motor that I can use as an upgrade .

  2. Hi,

    What would be the price for ordering it from France? Would you do some discounts for several orders?

    Thanks and regards.

  3. Hi, I want to make a Gyroscope of your two shaft 3 inch motor. Is it very noisy at highest speed? Can you make it 12V? Thank you.

  4. Hi, I’d like to try useing your motor as a motorized flywheel for gyroscope. But in this case I need to add a kind of wheel on your external rotor. Need 12V motor. And of course vibration should be minimal. Possible to customize like that? Or maybe your motor can already create a high enough gyro torque? Thank you

  5. Hello, I have sent an email requesting more info on these 3″ hub motors — specifically the HB3GL-B, and have yet to get a response after a couple weeks. Are there 5Nm, 70mm outdiameter hub motors available? I assume they would be 48V and 200W since that was the maximum of the range provided. There is some conflicting information that is given on this page, so I would like to see a datasheet, or inquire if custom-made hub motors would be possible based on our needs. We are considering using these on a design for the Hyperloop Levitation Competition in Summer 2018. Thanks

  6. maximum weight can be applied, torque vs rpm chart , torque with unit , ip number , price in usd , tyre milege

  7. How do I purshase one HB3GL-A model wheel?
    I love the wheel but don’t see a purchase link. Please let me know. Thank you!

  8. Can 3″ hub motor be made for 18 volts 150 watt and 4 Nm torque at lower top speed 700-900 rpm? I want to use 2 motors for small combat robot, not skateboard.

  9. Hi,
    How slowly rotating can this motor be controlled to be?
    I have some application need 0.8m/s speed, is it possible for these motors work at such low speed?
    thank you so much!

      • Thanks for your reply.
        I would like to use it with a 48V battery. Is it possible ? In the description, it is written “We can make this motor 12v,24v or 36v version” and then “Rated voltage: 24-48 v”
        What max current must be the controler ? 48V 12A is too much ?

        Can you confirm the no load speed of 1850RPM under 48V and 0.42A ? Just before, it is written “speed 2800rpm”.


  10. Hello.

    What is the kv rating of this motor please?

    Is the outer wheel 75mm or 70mm diametre?
    Drawing shows 70mm but title says 75mm (3″)

    Thanks for your reply.

      • And is it possible to have it with 75mm outer wheel diameter?

        Any info about the kv rating ?

        Thanks a lot.

          • Is it the same M12 bolt going through the entire wheel? Is it possible to remove it and mount a roller bearing 8mm inside diameter instead?
            Actually I would like to mount it on a electric skateboard.

            Thanks for help

  11. hi dear
    please guide me how can i buy this product from your website.i’m living in iran
    best regards

  12. hi dear
    i have an robotic prototype and i like to use this motor in my invention
    pls send me all doc’s of this motor like (weight,data sheet,delivery price in other country (iran))
    best regards

  13. hi dear
    i have an robotic prototype and i like to use this motor in my invention
    pls send me all doc’s of this motor like (weight,data sheet,delivery price in other country (iran))
    best regards

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