1000w ebike conversion kit48v 1000w /1kw ebike conversion kit front or rear wheel version. Disc braking application.
-.luminium alloy rim: 24 inch, 26 inch, 27 inch, 28 inch , 700C are double-wall aluminium alloy rim
-.intelligence brushless controller
-.brake lever: left and right
-.PAS:1:1 pedal assistance system
-.ordinary throttle with indicator and torque armWe also can customize this elctric bike conversion kit t0 500w version.
Please note that the ebike kit does not include battery
UUKIT03 wire connection Guide
This hub motor is also availble in 36v 500w and 48v 1000w version. If you like a lower power electric bicycle conversion kit, you can choose lower power version hub motor.
Buying link:http://www.uumotor.com/shop/electric-bike-kit/48v-1000w-electric-bike-conversion-kit

48v 1000w electric bike conversion kits in 24inch wheel 48v 1000w electric bicycle conversion kit 24 inch wheel


40 thoughts on “48v 1000w electric bike conversion kits 24 inch to 28 inch

  1. hallo sir,
    i would like to add dc hub motor for my motor cycle, while keeping the engine as such. Give your suggestions.

  2. Hi am looking to buy 24 inch wheel 48v 1000w for my tricycle. Can you sure me it will fit for it

  3. Hi, im looking for a 24 in wheel, rear wheel drive, single gear, 48v 1000w. thank you Dave

  4. I was wondering what do you have in sizes of 27.5, in hopes of something with some serious power available. And you must ship to Canada yes?
    Also price with everything including please.

    • we do ship to Canada. For the buying, you could buy it directly from our online shop.

  5. Hello… I have a 26″ huffy bike I would like a full kit (cost please). And wondering if there is a way to put a 48volt 1000watt 26″ kit INDEPENDENTLY on the front tire?…..dual electric motors independent from each other with “pedal power” as a third option. I live in Buffalo and ride in the snow….

  6. hi i need rear wheel witch disc pleace 26 inch with gears discs 48v 1000w and need all setup things without battery but i will putt the 48 v 40ah batery i looking for sam good engine not some china scrap wat is price and dilivery to scotland thank u for answer jackob

  7. My tires are 28″ 700c , with front suspension. No disc breaks. Will your tires fit the front or should I get the rear tire instead. Also how much would the cost be for the 36v 500w . I’m in USA, NY.


  9. Interested in turning my 27 in tire on my bike to electric motor . Please call or email 6317413686

  10. Is there perfect kit for a
    Tristar Torker 3 Speed Adult Tricycle, Blue, 24″ Tire
    I have two 1000 cca acid batts
    And can convert to one li-po 2000k batt


  11. Dear Sirs,

    We are developing an electric tricycle and we want to test with your conversion kit. We want to know if we can install disc brake in this kit and how many gears it has?
    And the most important thing the price of kit for one piece at this moment and shipment to Brazil. If everything is all right with the tests, we will ask you about the price and discount for quantities.
    Best regards,


    • Hello Demetrius,

      We currently do not ship to Brazil, the shipping cost is too expensive, and the import taxes in your country is also very expensive.

  12. my tire says 27 1 1/4, so i am guessing this is a 27″ tire, but when selecting 27″ is not available
    26″ and 28″ are available and there is a 700c but no 27″
    what do i do?

  13. can you send it to indonesia, how much will the shipingcost, how much it will cost if i buy the “24”inch,how fast is the avarage speed~thanks

    • Hello Chandra,

      Yes, we do send to indonesia. If you buy the 24inch, the shipping cost will be $95 and total price USD350. The delivery time will be 10 days.

      • Hi, I’m looking for a 24 inch 36v, 750w front wheel conversion kit, eBay had one for 159.90, do you have one close to that price

  14. Сколько будет стоить комплект с доставкой в Беларусь?

  15. Saudações, tenho interesse em montar meu triciclo e gostaria de saber se há a possibilidade de frete gratis para o Brasil. Grato

  16. сколько будет стоить доставка в Россию. Что входит в комплект?

    • Hello Anton, the price is USD255 eah. If you buy more, we do have discounts for this 1000w ebike kit.

    • I am sorry Taras, the shipping cost to Ukraine is expensive. We can not bear the free shipping to Ukraine.

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