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  • Price: USD295

Motor: 48/60/72V 3000W Brushless gearless motor,180℃copper winding with best magnet
Fork distance: 150 mm/170mm
Speed: 65km/h
Controller: 48/60/72V 60A sine wave programmable controller
Rims Spoke: Alloy bicycle wheel:24″ 26″*2.6
Display: TFT 750C display
Brake lever: 2 electric brake levers
Throttle: Twist throttle universal eBike Throttle with Electric Power Switch
Accessory: Use manual,ties,winding pipe
Package:Good package can be delivered to customer directly

72v 3000w electric bike conversion kit Packaging Contents:
1.Hand-built motor wheel( with spokes rim,motor,tire)*1 SET
3.Brake levers*1 PAIR
4.twist throttle*1PAIR
5.ties, Screws,winding pipe*1 SET
6. Use manual*1PC
7. TFT displays

Packaging Details:
1. with white sheet sponge to fix the rim tightly.
2. Wrap the other parts with bubble pack.
pack size:
1x 16″/20″24″ : 55cm x 55cm x 25cm
1x 26″ : 60cm x 60cm x 25cm
1x 28″/700c : 65cm x 65cm x 25cm
Take the cost-effective way based on your quantity or do as you request.To think what customer needs.

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31 responses to “72v 3000w electric bike conversion kit”

  1. The motor has extra connector that’s doesnt go anywhere (like ders only one of same connector on the controller 2 of them on comin from motor) both have 6 small wires going in on motor side and then u have the 3 phase wires do u have leave the left over connector how do I know which one to use if so

  2. Is this kit for the front or back wheel, I need one for the front wheels with 72 volts. And how much is it?

  3. Where is the link to buy? All I’m seeing are lower wattage kits (500W-1000W). Also wondering where to find batteries.

  4. Please send me the latest pricelist for 29″ options front/rear.

    Seeking 1K-3K but I’m limited by the width of my bike rear, up to 2.15″ Wide Rear, 2.3″ Wide front

  5. Hi Tony,
    I’m looking for a 20″ wheel with only 100mm dropout – as high power as possible.

    I would prefer just a thumb throttle rather than PAS.

  6. i am trying to look at a 36v 350 26inch ebike kit it is fucking hopeless what a fucked site ridculous can not see fuck all

  7. Hi tony i am after a 500w hub which can be used on a 24V system it will be getting laced onto a fat bike rear wheel 24 or 26″ if you could give me a price to supply and post to the united kingdom it would be much appreciated Regards carl

  8. I’d like a 48v 1000w kit laced to 12 inch rims. Is that possible? Current kick scooter uses v brakes.

  9. Hi, I’d like a 1000w or 1,500w conversion kit but in the united kingdom the max legal limit is 250w and no more than 15.5mph. Are you able to add a limiter switch so I could have an on road / off road option?

    • Hello Chris,

      We can add a speed limit control button from controller. This will help you to change the speed between lower or higher.

  10. Hello ! This price include rim and spoke :
    48V 500 Watt ebike kit rear wheel USD125/set

    48V 500Watt ebike kit front wheel USD125/set

    48V 1000Watt ebike kit front wheel USD135/set

    48V 1000 Watt ebike kit rear wheel USD135/set

    48V 350 Watt ebike kit front wheel USD115/set

    48V 350 Watt ebike kit rear wheel USD115/set

    36V 500 Watt ebike kit rear wheel USD125/set

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