7 thoughts on “8 inch slow speed 6km/h-25km/h electric scooter kit

  1. What is the cost of this unit ship to Ohio with matching wheel and speed controls

  2. Hi,
    I would like to get a quote for this kit (36V)+ shipping to Israel. i’m interested in thumb throttle.
    does the ebreak is sufficient to stop a scooter for 100kg person?

  3. In the product description it states that it is capable of going from 6kph-12kph, does that mean that it is not capable of going less than 3kph? Does then motor have to be “kick” started? What is the price for 24 volt, ebraking, regenerative braking, with a Hall effect throttle, complete package shipped to the US?
    thank you,

    • The max speed 6km/h is ok, you can control the speed from 0-6km/h by throttle.

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