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14.5 inch low speed electric wheelbarrow motor
  • Model: KN6145
  • Price: USD180

    14 inch with 145/70-6 tubeless tire, 36v/48v 800w powerful high torque geared brushless hub motor for electric wheelbarrow trolley and hand truck. max speed is about 13km/h. it can be also other speed as per your request.

    Motor wheel size: 14 inch (145/70-6) air tubeless tire
    Hall sensor: YES (5 hall sensor wires)
    Brake type: e braking or Disc brake
    Tire Model: 145/70-6 Vacuum tire
    Tire Width: 140mm
    Max Torque: 80 N.M(can be customize to 100N.m version)
    Rated power : 800W
    Rated voltage :18V,24V,36V or 48V
    No-load current: <1.5A
    Speed : 48V 200RPM (it is ok to customize to low speed)
    Load Weight: 100kg-250kg
    Tire Diameter : 330 mm
    Dropout size : 135-145 mm
    Weight : about 6.45 kg

    These are all 145/70-6 Vacuum tires

    If you like a smaller hub motor, we also have a 10 inch electric wheelbarrow hub motor with 10×4-6 air tire.

    A 14 inch electric wheelbarrow is a specific type of electric wheelbarrow with a wheel diameter of 14.5 inches. The size of the wheel is an important consideration when choosing a wheelbarrow as it affects the ease of maneuverability and stability.

    A 14 inch electric wheelbarrow is typically smaller and more compact than larger models, making it easier to navigate through narrow or confined spaces. It may also be lighter in weight, which can be an advantage when moving the wheelbarrow around.

    However, the smaller wheel size may also limit the amount of weight the wheelbarrow can carry, and it may not be as stable or comfortable to use over rough terrain or longer distances. It’s important to consider the intended use and workload when choosing the right size and type of electric wheelbarrow.

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    1. Hi can i get the motor wiring pinout, Is this motor thermistor have thermistor+, thermistor- , where do i connect the thermistor – ?(to gnd?)

    2. Does this come in higher wattage or speed? Looking to use this to drive an old gas mini-bike. The existing tire is
      145 70/6 , so this would fit perfectly.

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