This HB9GL single shaft motor can be with assembled with 9inch,10inch, 13inch, 15inch and other kinds of different tires. It is a good electric small ATV, UTV or mower and so on. This is a gearless mono shaft motor with high speed 25km/h to max 40km/h. We have many other optional tires. Buy online here

9 inch vacuum tire wheel hub motor
Brake mode:Disc-Brake
Tyre: vacuum tyre (9X3.0-6)
N.W.: 5kg(with tyre)
Diameter with tyre: 230MM
Rated voltage: DC 24/36/48V
Rated power:150-1000W
No-load speed: 400-1500rpm
No-load current: 0.4-1.4A
Efficiency: ≥84%

Motor hub 10 inch tire drawing:


Motor detail photos:



27 thoughts on “9″ 10″ 13″ 15″ 350w-500w-800w mono shaft motor

  1. I am interested in your 13″ wheel. I need a joystick and controller to control two wheels in an electric-wheel-chair kind of setup. See:

    The joystick should allow me to go forward, reverse as well as steer left/right/spin.

    Can you supply the joystick and controller? What voltage will these motors require and what is the power rating?

    • Hi Bob,

      For our 13inch motor, it is too powerful and fast for an electric wheelchair. And also we do not have a such powerful joystick controller.

  2. DearUumotor

    Can a motor with these specs be available from your company?
    1)Maximum torque = 70 to 90Nm
    2)Power rating between = 800W to 1500W
    3)Rated torque=30Nm
    4)RPM rating = 500 – 600 RPM
    5)DC voltage = 48V
    6) Rim diameter = between 15 inches to 17 inches
    7) Efficiency > 80%
    8)Type = BLDC
    9) Weight (max.) = 12Kg
    Thank You for any help you may provide

      • sorry, we do not have such that motor, you could email us your original motor to our mail box to see if we could find it from other factory.

  3. I have a urb-e gt pro it has 10 inch tires it has 36v 10amp 350watt battery I need to climb13% grade it wont even come close do you have a direct replacement hub motor that will do this range is not important.

  4. Hi there,
    Could you recommend the best setup to convert my Evo powerboard 1600watt electric scooter to direct hub motor? Is there a conversion kit available.

    Will the 13inches 800watt hub motor works?

    Currently running on a 48v lithium battery do I need to change the speed controller to run on hub motor?


    • Hello Tan,

      Why do you want to change to hub motor version? is your original mid drive motor broken? is the 1600w motor brushless or brushed motor?

  5. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

    Can you build wheel with following spec?
    Brushless, geared, with Hall
    Mono shaft, electric brake
    Voltage: 24V
    Power: 400-500w
    Speed: 250-300 rpm.
    Axle: D20 mm. Wires not through the axle.
    Rim Size: up to 200 mm.

    Thank you!


  6. Hi Uumotors

    Can you build wheel with following spec?
    Size: 15 or 16 inch.
    Motor: 800w dc / 24v (PM)
    MAX Speed: 100 – 120 rpm.
    Axle: Minimum D25 mm.
    Axle load: 200 – 300kg. / wheel.

    For use in walking construction machinery.

  7. Hi there! Im developing an electric cargo motorbike and looking for brushless In-wheel motor with the following demands.
    Need to carry 150-170 kg (driver+cargo)
    Max speed 45-60 km/h
    Wheel Size 13 Inches
    ¿Which motor do you suggest me? Need to know the am/h to calculate battery size.
    Thank you!

  8. Hello.
    I’d like to buy two hub mono shaft motors HB9GL with 10 inch tires with characters: 48v 800w.
    and two ESC 48v.
    How can I do this?

  9. I have a rezor electric escooter model e300
    I like to know if this will fit on my escooter rezor.tnk you

  10. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

    We are planning to build a small AVT Vehicle. Now we are interested for a low speed single shaft hub motor with a high torque. We need follow properties for this motor:

    – Voltage: 48v
    – Torque: min 50Nm
    – Speed: 0-200 r/min
    – Max Load: 150kg per wheel

    Do you have a hub motor with these properties? Please send us some information.

    Kind regards


  11. 500w 48v 10-3.5 rear brushless hub with brake drum. Where to find and what’s the price. I live in Southern California.

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