UU Motor is a professional electric motor manufacturer,most of our motors are bldc motor,also called brushless dc motor. UU Motor R&D team can tailor the motor for customer needs, the project management team can provide you an excellent service from motor developing to mass production, and the team ensures the good quality and favorable lead time to satisfy customer’s expectations.

We developed kinds of motors for electric vehicle, gear motors for electric tricycles,hub motors for electric bike conversion kits,electric motorcycles,scooters and every electric car. Now we are mainly produce the hub motors for electric bikes,and the ebike conversion kits make ever bicycle easy electrified.

We operate the company according to ISO/TS 16949 quality system, obey 5S and PDCA and so on management method, the quality is always No. 1 in our mind then we also control the cost to gain good quality goods and possible cost to meet customer’s maximum satisfaction.

bldc motor manufacturer

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