HUB12EW is a 12 inch electric wheelchair motor. This single shaft motor is for 24v/36v 250w version and we can also customize its power from 180w to 250w. It is a geared motor with Electromagnetic brake (EMB)function.

12inchEBmotor 12inchEBmotor2 12inchEBmotor1

12inch single shaft motor drawing

If you like to buy the joystick controller, we could also offer you the whole electric wheelchair motor and controller set.

12 electric wheelchair motor and controller

The updated joystick controller as follows:


The following is the motor specification:

Rated Voltage (V) 24V Cable Location left AND right
Rated Power (W) 250W Length of the shaft 60mm
Wheel Size 12” Hall Sensor Optional
Rated Speed (km/h) <12km/h Speed sense inside Optional
N.m 12.56 N.m Surface Silver/Black painted
Reduction Ratio 1:4.4 Brake Type Electromagnetic brake
Weight (Kg) 4kg Design DC brushless geared
Revolution(RPM) 190rpm Noise (db) < 60
Drive Rear Waterproof Grade IP54

19 thoughts on “12 inch brushless electric wheelchair motor single shaft with joystick controller

  1. I am interested in your 12 inch motor. I need two for a wheelchair application. Can you tell me which ones you have that would give me about 300-500 rpm at about 1000-1500W

    I will also need a joystick controller so I can control the two wheels to get both forward, reverse as well as turn in the wheel chair.

  2. 1, Voltage? Wattage? : 36V 250W
    2, Speed? N.m? RPM : 30N.m ,450RPM
    3, Pcs : 20pcs
    4, Brake : Electromagnetic brake
    5, Axis : Single shaft(cable)
    6, Opptional function of Controller : Change of rotation of motor
    7, Motor Size : 12″(Used to air tube tire (12.5mmx2.25mm))
    Such as (Model : 12 inch brushless electric wheelchair motor single shaft)
    8, Can I attach to the mechanical disc brake to motor?
    9, Can you please tell me shipping period and price, motor drawing image ?

  3. We want bldc hub motor.So is it available?
    48 v
    Hub size 20/24 inch diameter

  4. I have yet to get these motors up and running on my Glide G4 (Aussie Made)lightweight power chair for a few reasons. Where the shaft for the motors bolt to the mounting plate on the chair makes the wheels stick out to far so new plates had to be bent up to bring them in as to match original chair width.

    The motors braking apparently comes from what they call compression. Apparently if you feel how much “compression” these brushless motors have you will realise you don’t need brakes. With the motors not connected they just free wheel which is opposite to what most power chair users are use to. Electromagnetic brakes on when power is cut. I will let you know how this works in the real world.

    The joy stick controller was disappointing in that it has no female charge socket built into it which means having to set up a charge point coming direct of the batteries.

    The power controller unfortunately use screw on connectors that are difficult to get the male version of for your chairs battery harness rather than good old Anderson connectors. It would help if the controller came with one for your battery wiring loom. The Joystick and controller are of basic construction.

    I am pair all this up with Fusion Lithium (LiFePO4 batteries) made in Australia to see how it all works. I will write somw more when it up and running.

    Im hoping the brushless motors wont be notchy at low speed and not suffer from a lack of torque which are problems evident from the past.

    Anyway Cheers from Down Under…Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy

    • We are now trying to improve the controller and in future, the connectors problem will be solved.

  5. I wuld like to know the price of the joystick and the controller please?

  6. I would like to see a CAD drawing of the hub motor with measurements as to ascertain the full width of the wheel.
    I would also like to know the manufacturer and model of the controller set and whether a programmer is available for the controller set so it can be customised for the needs of the user. Warranty details on this items is also a need to know.
    On the face of things it appears UUMOTORS has a great product here at a reasonable price but now I will test it in the real would and let you know how reliable and how well it performs.
    Cheers from AU

    • Hello Bruce, please email us at and also the electric wheelchair motors are our new products, but I CAN NOT tell you the joystick controller supplier. It is our business secret.

  7. I would like to know a little more. – whether it is waterproof/dust proof, -torque(N.m) – max speed is 12 km/h is it possible to make it 20 km/h ?

  8. Hello,

    I’m interested in adapting this to a wheelchair. When you say electromagnetic brakes – is this like push solenoid? Sorry, I’m not very technically minded I’m afraid, my conventions with brakes being disc and drum ones.


    • Hello Alex, the braking will be electic powerful, you need not the mechanical braking device.

  9. Hi Ana

    We need to e-bike kit, but the engine must be subject in one arm. I watched without a kit for have this engine. However, I see that produce these types of engines. Could you put together a kit for e-bike that includes a motor for holding one arm?

    We need it rather urgently.

    We welcome your comments

    thank you very much


    • Hello Lucas,

      It is a pity that this mono shaft motor speed is too lower, it is for electric wheelchair, not for the electric bikes.

  10. Model: HUB12EW
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    Model: HUB12EW
    I want to buy to apply the wheel chair. fee, payment, and shipping would like to receive information about.

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