HB4GL, 4″ hub motor, the smallest motor we have now, only 1.3kg. It is 150w, GEARLESS, DC brushless motor  speed range from 10 km/h to 25 km/h

Dropout size 60mm. If you need a controller with this  motor, you could have a try this one https://www.uumotor.com/4-inch-hub-motor-and-controller-scooter-kit.html

The standard version 24v 120w, 15km/h, 36v 150w,20km/h, if you need a different speed, we can customize it for you. Here is HB4GL 36v testing data


Can this small 4 inch motor be made in mono shaft version? Yes, it can.





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  1. Hi, which is the best controller to use for this motor:

    Regards JT

    • a 15A controller is ok for the motor, we have the controller for this motor.

  2. Hi,
    Can this Motor be used without a controller? For example with a small Battery directly connected to the Motor via an on/off Switch?
    Best regards

  3. Hello,

    Can you say which batteries I have to use with this motor in order the best performance : speed and longevity?


    • the motor max current is 17A, it is ok to use a 10ah battery, considering the battery cost and size for installation.

      • Thanks for this information. How can I command you a HB4KIT ? Can you send it to France ? What is the delivery time ?


  4. Hello, What is the torque of this size motor? Both 120w and 150w versions.
    Thank you for reply.

  5. Hello! Can I hook this hub motor up to regular hoverboard circuitry? Those hub motors are usually rated at 300W, but I’m looking at your test data, and it looks like this 4″ Hub motor can handle up to 500W. If it can’t handle that, then can I connect this hub motor to the kids version of the hoverboard? Those motors are rated at 150W.

  6. Hello,

    can you please provide the type and manufacture of the hall sensor you build in this motor.

    Thanks a lot +
    with kind regards Matthias

  7. Hello!
    We are currently prototyping a mobile robot base and are considering using your motor. Please send as much and detailed information as possible (delivery, data sheet, etc) to my email adress.
    Thank you and best regards,
    Michael Koller

  8. Hi,
    Can you modify this motor to run at 350 rpm? What would be the maximum torque then?
    And what is the maximum output torque for the current configuration?
    Also, is this tire solid or inflated with air?

    Thank you

  9. I would like to make a small mid motor on my tandem only for hill climbing.
    150watt power would be enough if it was geared to run at between 10k to 15k to help 2 tired pensioners
    get up some of our Cornish hills.
    The motor has to be strong enough as well as reasonable quiet – we do not need to disturb the wild life.
    I propose to have a clutch system to engage as required and probably two small water bottle type batteries
    that I could charge at home, in the car or in an overnight stop at a hotel or campsite.
    I would like to build this in my workshop, so the motor should be robust enough, low cost and easy to
    repair and not heat up too much when hill climbing. On the flat the tandem would be pedaled as normal with
    the electric motor out of gear.
    Looking forward to your reply

  10. Is it possible to controll the motor without cable, by means of a wireless remote control?
    If yes, do you provide the remote controller?
    Thanks a lot

  11. Hi !
    Is it possible to increase the payload by reducing the speed?
    What is the maximum motor torque or maximum payload?

  12. Hi,

    Is it possible to have this hub motor build to the sizing of a rollerblade wheel. Either 100mm or 110mm in diameter?

    Also what is the fastest possible to make it in? Would be great if could get close to 40km/h (kph)

    Thank you

  13. Hi,
    I am really interested in this kind of motor but not destined for a scooter. Can it also go reverse?
    Thanks in advance,

      • Could you make this double side shaft hub motor go up to 30km/h-50 km/h and how much would it be?. Can you please send me that info to my email address?. Thank you very much.

        • For the high speed is ok, but the motor torque will be very weak, what is your application?

          • A robot, carrying two of this and a 10 kg payload max. What is the price for this?. Do you have something similar running @ 24V?

          • Another question Tony, can it be mounted with an internal encoder?

          • If the load is 10kw, the 24v 30km/h is ok. But we can not make internal encoder to the motor.

  14. Hello. In the table given test, it is also be controlled to more than 500watt, is usable in such power for a few seconds?

    • That is not able to drive in long time, just few seconds. And it is input power, not output power.

  15. Can you please send me a technical documentation for this motor, as well as the reference of an adequate controller (with documentation as well) ?

  16. Dear uumotor Team
    Have a question regarding this engine?
    Can this also be built for a speed of 2 to 8 km / h?

    Thank for a feedback


      • Thanks Tony for the quick feedback how much they cost two pieces with the surveyed specification ?

        • The price will not changed, for the future bulk order, we have good discounts.

  17. Hello,

    which controller and thumb throttle are suitable for this motor?


    • Hello Ryan,

      Yes, we can make it 12V version. How many pcs do you need?

  18. Hello,

    What is the Maximum Loading Capacity of the motor? Which weight can the driver have?
    It would be great if you could send me the technical specifications!


  19. Dear sir,
    pls send your full technical information and the sspecific prices for the motor and a suitable controller with thumb throttle.
    Tks & B.R.

      • Hello,
        could you also send me the same information? Also, I am thinking of modifying the motor a bit. What is the minimum diameter of the motor directly under the tire and could you also send me a photo of the motor without the tire?

        Thanks in advance

  20. Hi!
    This motor looks pretty good. But i can’t find its weight, can you please tell me the weight of 24V version without package?

  21. Hello,

    can i drive the HB4GL 4″ Hub with 48V 300W?
    what is the highest current Volts/Watts i can Drive?

    Thanks for answer,


    • Hello Patrick,

      For this motor it is very small, the max power we have now is rated power 150w. To drive it under 48v, it is not good for the motor life.

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