If you are looking a thin motor, this HL8SD is the right motor for you, it is only 58mm for the dropout size,gearless with hall sensors. If you want to a completed kit with controller, please refer to here https://www.uumotor.com/8-inch-electric-scooter-kit-250w.html

Voltage: 24V/36V/48V
Power: 180~250W
Speed: 500~800R/min

Default version: 24v 150w 15km/h, 36v 250w 25km/h

The motor drawing:



46 thoughts on “dropout size 58mm 8 inch gearless hub motor

  1. Hi, I want to convert my Oxelo Town 9 and have a few questions:
    1. Can you wind this motor for 650 rpm (~25km/h) at 24V? Your controller and a 24V 6S2P 18650 pack would fit under the Oxelo Town 9 without changing the frame. I find the 150W version a little too slow, but I cannot fit the controller plus a 36V Pack under the scooter (and don’t want to mount one elsewhere).
    A 6S2P Pack of NCR18650B can provide 13A @ 22V, so would be fine for a 24V 250W motor.
    2. What material is the tire made of? Is it hard PU like the original Oxelo tires?
    3. Your description for the kit says “left hand assemable thumb throttle” but the pictures show right-hand throttles. Is that a mistake or do you sell both left and right versions?

    • Yes, we can make the 24v version, max speed 25km/h. And for the thumb throttle, you can install both right hand and left hand.

  2. hii

    i want to use this kind of motors in a robotic application, so i just ask if 2 of this motor can hold 200kg ?


  3. I want to convert my oxelo town9 to the electric motor…i want to buy full kit in order to make it…can u suggest full pack kit for that? And how much the cost include shipping to malaysia. I prefer 36v 250w HL8SD motor, Tq

  4. Hi I would like to check which kit is suitable for oxelo town 9. And do I need to do modification to the scooter to fit the kit ?

  5. Hi, Do you also ship to switzerland. If yes, how can I order.
    And is the Model: HL8SD also available with hall sensors?


  6. Hi,

    Can you a well know solution kit for oxelo town 7 xl?
    All parts included:
    -hub motor
    -battery pack


    Thank you in advanced.

    • We have motor, controller, throttle, braking, but we do not have battery. A conversion set is USD185

  7. Will this motor fit the Oxelo Town 9 EasyFold? I believe the dropout on the rear fork is just about 58mm. And if there’s no disc brake on the 58mm version of this motor, how am I going to stop the scooter? Front brake? Regen braking?


    • Yes, it is ok to work with Town9. We have many chinese customers convert town7 and town 9 to electric. To stop the motor, it needs the controller has regen braking.

      • Ok, so I want to buy:
        1. 8 inch hub motor gearless dropout size 58mm
        2. brushless motor controller with EABS braking, reverse, auto-cruising, speed limit.
        3. thumb throttle with switch button and battery indicator/or/twist throttle with switch key lock and battery indicator.
        4. braking levers/or/2 switch button control.

        Basically, it is the UUKIT8BS but with the 58mm version of the hub motor. Can you email me the total price including shipping to the United States, San Francisco? Also, which is better thumb or twist throttle?

  8. Hello!

    I am looking for a very lightweight 8’’ BLDC Motor.
    Therefore can you tell me the exact weight of this Motor (incl. tyre).
    For the whole kit including following:

    • 8’’ lightweight BLDC hub Motor.
    • Controller with regenerative breaking.
    • Thumb throttle and thumb regenerative breaking.
    • A LCD Display which shows the actual battery status, the time and the speed.

    Eagerly looking forward to your reply,

    Best regards,
    Martin Ruhhütl

    • Hello Martin,

      We can provide you exactly what you want, I will email you the kit photo to your email. Our new controller with LCD display and the braking is hall sensors type, it can control braking force by hall sensors throttle.

      • Hi Tony,

        Great that you can provide that kit.
        When will you send me this kit?

        Best regards,
        Martin Ruhhütl

          • Hi Tony,

            I would need that kit so that I can see if it would fit to our scooter and show it our customer.
            Is this controller + LCD compatible to all your BLDC 8” 24V motors?

            Best regards,
            Martin Ruhhütl

          • Hello Martin,

            We have LCD display compatible with our 8 inch motor.

          • Hi Tony,

            When will you send me this kit including:
            motor, controller and display?

            Best regards,
            Martin Ruhhütl

  9. Hello!

    We are looking for a thin 6″ or 8″ BLDC Motor.

    Please quote for complete kit including the following :

    8″ 58mm Tyre Gearless BLDC Hub Motor
    & 6″ Tyre Gearless BLDC Hub Motor

    Controller with regen braking

    Twist throttle or thumb throttle with battery indicator

    Braking levers

    Switch button

    We require these in Pune, India.

    Please quote accordingly.

    Eagerly looking forward to your early reply,

    Best regards,

    Vicky Sehgal
    Sehgal ElMoto Limited
    M : +91 9604044000
    E : vicky@sehgal.co.in

  10. Hello,

    How much torque Nm this motor can provide at 24v and 36v?
    How much is shipping to belgium?
    do you sell gearless motor?

    Thank you

    • Hello Dara,

      This motor is gearless motor. The max torque is about 20N.m. The shipping cost to Belgium will be USD105.

  11. What is the recommended battery discharged rate? What kind of battery recommended for this motor? Lead acid, Lithium-Ion, LiFePO4 ?

    • The max 15A current is suggest to this motor, for the battery type, both them are ok.

      • Thank you for your reply. I am thinking of using Li Ion 18650 3.7V 2Ah and stack them in series to make 22.2 V and stack another 6 in parallel to make approximately 4Ah. Do you think this is feasible? what if the voltage that we provide is less, in this case only 22.2 V? will it run?

        • our controller cut off voltage for 24v battery is 18V. The battery capacity is better to 8AH.

    • Yes, we can sell the complete kit like the following,

      motor: USD105
      controller with regen braking, USD35
      Twist throttle or thumb throttle with battery indicator: USD15
      Braking levers: USD10
      Switch button: USD10

      Total USD175

      • How much would the shipping cost to Singapore? and what if it is a combined shipping, say that we buy more than 1 kit?

        • The shipping cost to Singapore is USD95 for 1 kit. If you buy more,please contact us via email for the details.

      • This is pretty much what I am after in the 24v version. How do i go about ordering and choosing parts etc?

  12. Hi, may I know the maximum load of the motor bearing? I am looking for this kind of motor that can hold up to total 150kg load. Thanks

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