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We have 6 inch hub motor kit for electric scooters, 10 inch electric scooter conversion kit ,6 inch electric mobility scooter kit and so on. These DIY electric scooter kits are for adult scooter to convert to electric version, power version from 180w to 500w, even 800w, the motor wheel size from 4 inch to 15 inch available. You could get more fun from DIY an electric scooters.

Introducing our high-quality electric scooter kits, designed to convert your standard scooter into a powerful electric vehicle! Our kits are the perfect way to upgrade your ride and enjoy the convenience and speed of an electric scooter.

We offer a variety of electric scooter kits to fit different needs and preferences, including kits with different power and speed options. Our kits range from 250W to 1000W of power, with maximum speeds ranging from 15mph to 28mph.

Whether you’re looking for a kit with a high torque motor for steep hills, a long-range battery for extended use, or a lightweight kit for easy portability, we have the perfect solution for you. Our kits are easy to install and include all necessary components, including a motor, battery, controller, and throttle.

Upgrade your scooter today with our top-quality electric scooter kits and experience the speed, power, and convenience of an electric ride! Search for “electric scooter kit” and find the perfect fit for your scooter.