The HB8GS regular version of this motor 36V 250W, max speed 15KM/H. The motor is brushless dc motor with hall sensors. It has 6 holes for disc brake plate. You can add the disc brake for this motor.

You can also buy the double shaft version model number HUB8SF , For this motor general information, you could refer to double shaft motor here

8inch.oneside.axle.withEB 8inch.oneside.axle.withEB2 8inch.oneside.axle.withEB3

Updated joystick controller as follows:



2 thoughts on “EMB electronic mechanical brake 8 inch mono shaft motor

  1. Dear Sir;

    I have some questions?

    1) Does the tire come assembled on the motor?
    2) What is the outside diameter to the tire?
    3) What is the maximum RPM @ 24VDC?
    4) Would you send me a CAD file of this part for my SolidWorks model? (IGES file)
    5)If you’re not able to provide the digital information for this part would you send a Detail Drawing?
    6) What is the total weight of the assembly, motor and tire together?
    7) Would you allow me to get only two assemblies for my proto-type?

    Thank very much
    Tommy Raviele

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