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  • Model: HB5GL
  • Price: USD135

HB5GL,the smaller hub motor only 5 inch with tyre. The standard version of this motor is 36V 250W, rated speed 22km/h,24v 250w, 17km/h. We can also make it in 24V/36V/48V version. It is a gearless motor and high speed,the max speed we can customize to 48v 250w 30km/h.

HB5GL-curving HB5GL-data

This is a gearlesss brushless dc hub motor
Rated Voltage: DC 24V, 36V, 48V customizable
Rated Power: 150W-250W customizable
Speed: 500RPM-1800RPM customizable
tyre: solid tyre size 130mm
Motor weight: 1.9KG.
Could be made in mono shaft version.

The no braking 5″ version motor drawing: dropout size 68mm


The band braking 5″ version motor drawing: dropout size 102mm


This 5 inch hub motor Mono shaft version drawing: long shaft and short shaft version.

HB5GL_mono_shaft_drawing HB5GL_mono_shaft_drawing_2

The mini go kart powered by our 5 inch motor:

mini go kart

35 responses to “new 5 inch electric scooter motor gearless 250w 20km/h”

  1. Hi, is this motor still available?
    Is there a known joystick system that can control two of these like in a wheelchair?

    Thank you


  2. Are there any options for higher torque on these motors, and if so, what torque options are there? or are there any other products in the 4-6 inch range that have higher torque? I am looking to buy several of these motors for a student project

    Thank you!

  3. Hi Tony,

    I am making a wheelchair for myself. Can this motor be customized for 250w at 24v, with maximum speed of 10kmph? Also, do you have instructions for changing the tire?

  4. I’m interested in the 48v version of this motor but when I followed the link to it there are only the options for the 24v and 36v versions. Does you’d mean that the 36v motor will run at 48v or is there something km missing. Thanks.

    • Hello Ben,

      We can customize the 48v version for you, how many pcs of this 5 inch motor do you need?

  5. Hi, I’m looking at buy several of the 5″ hub motors but need a low rpm, around 210-330 @ 24V.

    What is the lowest RPM you could do at 24V?


  6. serian tan amables de darme el precio por el kit completo del scotter las llanta tracera de motor y frenado y llanta normal mas su controlador y baterias y cargador de las mismas que sea de 48volts a350watt,s gracias

  7. deseo que me informen de datos tecnico de bercion scotter llanta 5 pulgadas frenado de regeneracion o tracero su precio para mandar al pais de mexico
    espero su informacion gracias estare pendiente

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