This HL6KIT kit includes:

  1. 6.5 inch(170mm) geared motor 250w(24v,36v or 48v available), the motor can run reversely.
  2. regen braking controller, max current 15A.
  3. thumb/twist throttle/haft-twist throttle with battery power indicator
  4. thumb hall sensor throttle for e braking

wmtc01-no LCD dispaly version wire explain.

controller wires guide

For the controller instruction, please refer to this

For the motor description, please refer to this

The motor size drawing:



9 thoughts on “regen braking 6.5 inch geared motor and controller kit

  1. Will this fit on my carboon fiber electric scooter and how much motor only? No controller or throttle?

  2. Hello Tony, Interested in this specific motor kit. What is top speed on 24v? Looking for around 20-25km/h.
    Many thanks //Louie

  3. Hi,
    I want to buy this product. I have some queries, Please let me know the contact details to clarify.

  4. Looking for 350watt 36volt 6.5 inch compleye kit. Shipped to calgary Alberta Canada. Hoping to get 25 to 30 kilometers speed and hoping to have the controller adaptable to 30 amps. With hall effects sensor, so that the motor doesnt engage until the scooter is kicked for ward to 3 kilometers per hour before the motor provides assistance from the throttle.

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