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Brushless dc 13 inch hub motor for electric scooters, electric wheelchairs,electric wheelbarrows, robots and so on. We have geared and also gearless brushless dc 13 inch hub motors, with hall sensors and encoders.
Usage of our 13 inch hub motor:
1.high speed electric scooters. We have 800w 13 inch e scooter hub motor, max speed 50km/h, with off road and road tires.
2. robots. Our brushless dc gearless 13 inch hub motor with encoder has high torque and is good for robots, agv and so on.
3.electric wheelbarrows. Our geared 13 inch hub motors are 500w motor with 59N.m max torque, less than 200RPM speed. It is good for slow speed vehicle and electric wheelbarrows.