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  • Model: SVH16B
  • Price: USD365

This 1200w servo hub motor is single shaft with 16 inch tractor tyre. It is really a big power currently 1200w 40N.m torque and peak torque 80N.m. The motor is gearless, brushless dc motor with hall sensors and magnetoelectric encoder. It is can bear 250kg load. This will be good for the intelligent farm machines. We also have this motor in 13 inch, 14 inch tire and 15 inch tire. And also we have this type of wheel even bigger torque (peak 120N.m) version.

16 inch tractor tire wheel servo hub motor specification:
Rated voltage: 48v-72v
Motor weight: 7.6kg (without tire)
Poles: 20 pairs
Rated Power: 250w-1200w
Rated speed: 150-400RPM by controller
Rated current: 7-25A(peak current 45A)
Rated torque:40N.M(peak torque 80N.M)
Max load: 240KG
Diameter: 420mm tube air tire
Encoder type: 1024 line magnetoelectric encoder 
The optional tire: 16 inch 4.0-8.

We also have this motor with another type tire as follows:

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  1. Hi,
    I would like to buy one of these wheels but I would need to have the ‘torque sensitivity or torque constant’ data before I buy. That is how much torque is developed per amp of current supplied.
    All your products look great! I am especially interested in those fitted with the 1024 counts per turn encoders.

  2. Hi there I am trying to find a price for these motors.
    tractor tire 40N.m rated 1200w 16 inch servo hub motor
    Any help would be much apreciated

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