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24v,36v,48v 250w mini motor electric bicycle conversion kit, max speed 25km/h
36V-48V brushless geared dc motor,freehub cassettle,dropout size 135mm
we can customize the battery power for you.
24v-48v,350w-500w,geared, brushless, high torque.

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this motor is very good for small electric motorbike like razor 650 motor bike, MX500,MX650,SX500, RSF650 and so on.
the throttle to display battery voltage,more accurate to monitor the battery power.
60v 1000w max speed 35-45km/h, fat tire for scrooser scooter type motor,60v1500w , max speed 60km/h

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350w brushlesss 10inch hub motor, max speed 35km/h.
brushless geared motor,rated speed 12km/h, we can customize it to 6km/h speed for slow electric wheelchair or robots.
170mm motor diameter, 36v 350w,max speed 25km/h-35km/h,max load 100kg.
8 inch hub motor,e braking controller, throttle and so on. Good for conversion electric scooters.