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DIY electric wheelbarrow hub motor and kit.  High torque and power 500w-800w, max load 150kg-250kg. We have upgraded our electric barrow wheel motor max torque to 80N.m-150NM,steel gears. The motor can be installed different size tires, which is popular in UK electric fishing barrow conversion kit market, especial the 24v and 48v motor barrw kit, allowing freewheel spinning when not powered.

Currently, we have 10×4.0-6 tire,11×3.5-6 tire,12×4.1-6 tire, 4.1/3.5-6 tire, 13×5.0-6 tires, 13×3.5-6 tire,14×4.1-6 tire,15×5.0-6 tire. We also have related electric wheelbarrow conversion kits for diy electric carp barrow and  film carts and other homemade motorized wheelbarrow. Email us to get detail price list.

Check this electric wheelbarrow 500w motor testing data. You can see all the current tires version here wheelbarrow-motor-tires

We sell and ship to many countries, most buyers are from USA, Cananda, Germany, UK, Australia, and France. The motor is not only applied to electric wheelbarrow, in fact they are also ok to work with trailer or other low speed applications.

16 inch in-wheel motor for electric atv, wheelbarrow,golf cart

50N.m-150N.m, 3km/h-25km/h customizable

An electric wheelbarrow DIY conversion kit including, motor, controller, throttle and other optional parts (braking levers, disc brake caliper, cable). The optional parts depend on the controller functioins, We have e braking controller, programmable controller, joystick controller, dual drive controllers.

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Full refund before shipping. Free replacement for defective, wrong and shipping damaged goods. Free parts in 2 years.

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DHL, Fedex, UPS air express shipping for small orders. Train and truck shipping, sea and truck shipping. FOB, DAP, DDP available.

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An electric wheelbarrow kit is a collection of parts that can be used to convert a traditional wheelbarrow into an electric-powered vehicle. The kit usually includes a motor, a battery, a controller, and various other necessary hardware such as brackets and cables.

Electric wheelbarrow kits come in different power ratings, battery capacities, and motor types. Some kits are designed for heavy-duty applications and can handle loads of up to 500 pounds, while others are more suited to lighter tasks such as gardening and landscaping.

When installing an electric wheelbarrow kit, it is important to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully. Generally, the process will involve removing the handles and the old wheel assembly, installing the motor and battery, and connecting the controller and wiring. Depending on the kit, you may need to make modifications to the wheelbarrow frame to accommodate the new components.

An electric wheelbarrow kit can offer several benefits, including making it easier to move heavy loads, reducing the physical strain on the user, and increasing productivity. However, it is important to choose a kit that is appropriate for your needs and to take proper safety precautions when using an electric wheelbarrow.