mid drive motor

Conventional electric bicycle kit, ranging from side-mounted motor kit to hub motor kit, the center of gravity is not right in the middle. This leads to the unbalance of electric bike which could easily cause dangers. While mid-mounted e-bike kits have solved this problem and it is the most efficient kit among the others.
Mid-mounted e-bike has been named “The best national design” in Japan, the main reason is that the mid-mounted electric bike structure is distinctive, which makes it well-balanced, and thus, people can ride comfortably and can easily handle it. Also,as you can shift gear when using the motor, mid-drive kits have the highest efficiency and longer life than other type of kits for the same power output.

mid drive motor

36v 180w electric mid drive motor brushless 1. rated voltage: 36V                       2. rated power: 180W          ...

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36v 180w mid drive motor