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Conventional electric bicycle kit, ranging from side-mounted motor kit to hub motor kit, the center of gravity is not right in the middle. This leads to the unbalance of electric bike which could easily cause dangers. While mid-mounted e-bike kits have solved this problem and it is the most efficient kit among the others.
Mid-mounted e-bike has been named “The best national design” in Japan, the main reason is that the mid-mounted electric bike structure is distinctive, which makes it well-balanced, and thus, people can ride comfortably and can easily handle it. Also,as you can shift gear when using the motor, mid-drive kits have the highest efficiency and longer life than other type of kits for the same power output.

  • 1500w mid drive motor electric bike conversion kit

    1500w mid drive motor electric bike conversion kit

    UU Motor’s mid drive ebike conversion kit specification list as followings: Rated Power(W): 250W 350W 500W 750W 1000W 1300W 1500W Speed (RPM): 78-83 75-95 100-130 120-130 140-190 150-195 170-210 Max… Know More

  • high speed mid drive 48v 1600w electric scooter motor

    high speed mid drive 48v 1600w electric scooter motor

    Model: BM481500 Price: USD135  Small but powerful electric brushless dc motor for electric mobility. It is good to replace razor electric dirtbike/motorycle MX500,MX650,SX500, RSF650 and so on. Direct buying link Rated Power:… Know More

  • new small size 48v 500w mid drive motor

    new small size 48v 500w mid drive motor

    Model: UT4850M Price: USD105 Motor Type: brushless dc motor, mid drive tricycle motor Voltage: 48V Power: 500W Efficiency: ≥ 83% Max Speed: 1200RPM Cable length:140cm / 55″ Gear: 9T,420 type chain Noise:… Know More

  • 500w planetary gear electric trike motor

    500w planetary gear electric trike motor

    Model: UT500 Price: USD95 500w electric trike motor specification:Rated power: 36v/48v/60v 500wRated speed: 2800RPM before gear reductionRated torque: 1.7 N.m before gear reductionGear ratio: 1:6500W brushless electric tricycle motor Weight:5.08kg, Max load:350kg,… Know More

  • 350w planetary gear electric trike motor

    350w planetary gear electric trike motor

    Model: UT350 Price: USD85 350w electric trike motor planetary gear  specification; Rated power: 48v 350w Rated speed: 2800RPM before gear reduction Rated torque: 1.19 N.m before gear reduction Gear ratio: 1:6 350W… Know More

  • 48v 440w brushless dc motor 86mm

    48v 440w brushless dc motor 86mm

    Model: 86BLF Price: USD159 86mm brushless motor 48v motor size: 86mm * 86mm * 94mm General Specifications(详细说明): 绕组形式  Winding Type………………………………………………… 星形 Star 传感器电角度  Temperature Rise…………………………………………120℃ electrical angle 绝缘等级   Insulation Class…………………………………………B 环境温度范围  Ambient… Know More

Here are some common applications and uses of 20 inch hub motors on bikes:

Kids’ E-Bikes – A 20 inch wheel size is perfect for smaller kids’ bikes. Hub motors make electric conversion easy without needing a bulky bottom bracket motor.

Cruisers/Beach Cruisers – 20 inch wheels are standard on many casual cruiser style bikes. A rear hub motor can add a boost for cruising boardwalks or riding to the store.

Folding Bikes – Many compact folding bikes use 20 inch wheels. A small hub motor allows the bike to be folded up after commuting or traveling with electric assistance.

Cargo/Utility Bikes – 20 inch wheels are common on lightweight cargo bikes for carrying kids or goods. A hub motor helps with the extra weight.

Conversion Kits – Affordable e-bike conversion kits are available featuring a rear 20 inch wheel with an integrated geared hub motor and battery.

Trail/Hybrid Bikes – For relatively smooth off-road use, a 20 inch wheel with front suspension and a geared hub motor expands the capabilities of a casual trail bike.

Winter Biking – Studded tires paired with a hub motor provide electric assist through snowy conditions on a compact 20 inch bicycle.

Mini E-Bikes – Folding or compact “mini” e-bikes meant for limited space often use 20 inch wheels with hub motors.

So in summary, 20 inch hub motors are great for lightweight, compact electric bikes for kids, casual riding, cargo/utility uses, or winter conditions.