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  • Model: UT4850M
  • Price: USD105

Motor Type: brushless dc motor, mid drive tricycle motor
Voltage: 48V
Power: 500W
Efficiency: ≥ 83%
Max Speed: 1200RPM
Cable length:140cm / 55″
Gear: 9T,420 type chain
Noise: < 60 db
Surface: dark green painted
Net weight: 6.08Kg / 13.4 lbs

Package Content:
1 x 48V 500W tricycle motor – UT4850M
Package Size: 22cm L x 22cm W x 22cm H
UT4850M_1 UT4850M_2 UT4850M_3 UT4850M_4 UT4850M_5 UT4850M_6 UT4850M_7

2 responses to “new small size 48v 500w mid drive motor”

  1. I’m planning 4-drive swing axles cart for hobby kind of works in forest. I’ll need two (~500w 48v) middle motor at chain drive which rotates opposite direction. Do I need two pcs of controller?
    Can You make an offer for a 2pcs 48v 500w bldc motors, controller(s) and twist throttle with shipping?
    My post code: 21200 Raisio Finland.
    Jukka Liuke

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