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UU motor supplies mainly small brushless hub motor for  electric wheelchairs,electric wheelbarrows, agvs, robots and small electric scooters, power from 150w to 1000w or even higher. You can find EMB braking wheel hub motors from 6 inch to 12 inch, or slow speed geared wheel hub motor of 6 inch, 8 inch,10 inch and 15 inch wheel.  All of our current hub motor is brushless hub motors. Our main motors now are hub motors with encoders. If you are looking for a wheel hub motor kit for bike, that is also ok, we have good price for them.

MOQ: No MOQ request. You can buy only one motor.

Lead time and Shipping time: most of our products are ready to ship. Usually, you can get the order in 10-14 days after your payment. Special request or bulk order lead time will be 10-30 working days.

Payment method: you can pay via paypal, credit cart, bank transfer, western union.

Warranty: It depends on what products you buy. Some items are easy-broken parts, the warranty time is only a month or weeks. Any way, inform us in first time when you find a defective items, we will give good replacement or parts and even refund. We value each customer to get long-term business.

Tracking number: Yes, tracking number will be emailed once the order is shipped.

How to buy: You can buy from our online store directly. If you can not find your favorite, please email us, and we will recommend you a suitable one and draft order for you.

Bulk order: you may need to email us to discuss more details about the order, like to customize some data or appearance , the shipping, payment and so on.

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More useful information about hub motor

Hub motor also called in wheel motor.It is commonly used on electric bikes, scooters, wheelchairs, go carts, robots, wheelbarrows, motorcycles and even cars. A hub motor is usually a brushless dc motor, not a brushed motor. That makes a hub motor life is usually very long.

Power: for the e bike motor, usually the power is from 150w-350w, some are 500w to 1000w and some sports strong e bikes with 1500w-5000w hub motor. You may find some electric scooter or motorcycle hub motor with power of 3kw,5kw,8kw and even 10kw.

Voltage: for the voltage, it can be every voltage in fact, you can apply any voltage to a hub motor theoretically, but you need to pay attention to current and over heating. Anyway, Most hub motors rated voltage are 12v,18v,24v,36v,48v,52v,60v,72v,84v,96v and 120v.

Brake types: a hub motor can be with disc brake, drum brake, or V brake (motor without brake base). For electric wheelchair motors, auto guide vehicle, mobility scooters or some robots, it may needs electric Electromagnetic brakes(EMB). You may also see some e braking or regen braking. E Braking in fact is a function of controller, it give electricity to stop motor moving.  

Types: It is difficult to classify hub motors. It could be classified to geared hub motor or gearless hub motor (which also called direct drive hub motor). We have spoke rim motor or casted rim motor from the hub motor rim appearance. We also can name them as front drive motor or rear drive motor according their installation position to a bike front wheel or rear wheel.It is also ok to group them by low speed motor, high speed motor, high torque motor and so on. You may also see them classified by usage, such as scooter motor, e bike motor, electric wheelchair motor, electric motorcycle motor, electric mobility motor and electric wheel barrow motor.

Sensor types: hub motor can be without sensors, just 3 power cables(phase cable), or with hall sensors, or with both encoders and hall sensors. A motor with encoders usually are took as servo hub motor.

Resistance force: a gearless hub motor’s resistance is very small, it is easy pushed forward and backward. A geared hub motor’s resistance will be stronger than gearless one, but it is still ok to push it forward and reversely. E bike or scooter geared motor’s resistance is weaker usually. That is because the motor inside has a clutch, but this will make the motor not reversible by controller driving. So if you looking for a geared motor, you need to ask first, where the motor is reversible.

Speed: Gearless hub motor usually has higher speed than geared hub motor, but a geared hub motor is usually lighter and torque is higher than the same size gearless hub motor. Geared hub motor is usually for low speed application, like to drive a golf cart, wheelchair, barrow, go cart, mobility scooter and so on. Most of uumotor’s geared hub motor speed is 50-200RPM. Some e bike with geared motor top speed can reach 50km/h. For the gearless hub motor, the top speed can be 2000-3000RPM, some electric scooter motors top speed can reach 150km/h.