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  • Model: KK6PU
  • Price: USD145

This is a Low RPM PU tire 8 inch geared hub motor.  It is a brushless hub motor, geared , with hall sensors, and reversiable. The PU tire is very durable as non marking tire. The motor max torque is 50N.m (tested by 48v battery), it can work under 30A current from 24v-48v battery, please noted the default version rated voltage is 36v 150RPM, if you use on 24v or 48v battery, it brings you different power, torque and speed. Please contact us if you like to customize the motor speed. The motor is also ok to make as single shaft motor and add a thermal sensor.

2 responses to “8 inch low speed PU non marking tire hub motor”

  1. We need spoke capable motor for 24″ rims. So this KK6PU motor above won’t work, can we get (2) SPM01 motors?

  2. I do not want this product. Please send me 2 SPM01 motors with dual controller and joystick. Any voltage is ok. Look forward to getting proposal or invoice with all costs itemized including shipping for above items only. Thanks Chuck..

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