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  • Model: KK95W
  • Price: 145

The standard of this 9.5 inch in stock is 48v 500w, no load speed 200RPM. You can also customize the motor speed and power.

a geared powerful hub motor, for electric scooter, slow speed wheelchair, device and so on. It can be customized as per follows specification:

Voltage:24v-60vElectric motors:Brushless dc motor
Tire type:Solid RubberColour:Silver
Structure:Permanent MagnetTorque:10-50Nm
Rated voltage:12/24/36/48/60Rated Power (Watts):200w-350w/350w-500w/500w/800w 
Speed:8-30km/hSpeed (RPM):150-1000rpm
Wheel type:Aluminium material Scope of application:Golf carts/Balance car/Electric Motorcycle
Length:241mmNet Weight (Kg):5.7
Gross Weight (kg):5.9Effectiveness:75-88%
Production:Jiangsu ChinaRim size: 9.5 inch
Product Features: Waterproof,Totally Enclosed Small volume, light weight, large torque, high efficiency, stable performance, cost-effective superior

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  1. Hi Tony.. i would like to have this motor in 36V sensored. Which speed controller can i use with this that provides e-brake and reverse? Can i use the 30a programmable one (Model: MX25V2) ?


  2. Hi, I would like to build a wheel barrow for my job, (briques and mortar mostly).. the wheel barrow would have to be able to transport 400 pound (motor and wheel barrow included).. i builded on with a 150w motor.. was able to run with 300 pound in .. but the motor was getting too hut and it was a bit slow (3kph) 🙂 lol

    So i think your motor would be great, I would like it to go around 6 kph (good walking speed) with the weight in.

    Please tell me what you think, thank you!

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