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high torque 10 inch 9.5 inch hub motor
  • Model: KK95W
  • Price: 165

The standard of this 9.5 inch in stock is 48v 600w, no load speed 220RPM, max torque 100N.m. It is ok to upgrade to Max torque 150N.m, and gear also is ok to use metal gears. Gear ratio 5:1

High torque low speed geared powerful hub motor, for electric scooter, slow speed wheelchair, device and so on. It can be customized as per follows specification:


8 responses to “slow speed 9.5 inch geared brushless hub motor”

  1. Hi Tony.. i would like to have this motor in 36V sensored. Which speed controller can i use with this that provides e-brake and reverse? Can i use the 30a programmable one (Model: MX25V2) ?


  2. Hi, I would like to build a wheel barrow for my job, (briques and mortar mostly).. the wheel barrow would have to be able to transport 400 pound (motor and wheel barrow included).. i builded on with a 150w motor.. was able to run with 300 pound in .. but the motor was getting too hut and it was a bit slow (3kph) 🙂 lol

    So i think your motor would be great, I would like it to go around 6 kph (good walking speed) with the weight in.

    Please tell me what you think, thank you!

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