4 inch single shaft hub motor with encoder

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4 inch single shaft motor
  • Model: SVH4S
  • Price: USD145

This 4 inch single shaft hub motor with encoder is a brushelss dc motor which max torque is 7N.m. It is with hall sensors and 1024ppr photoelectric encoder. It is designed max load 35kg for robot, AGV, RGV and so on. Direct buying this 4 inch small encoder hub motor link https://www.uumotor.com/ws/p/4-inch-150w-brushless-dc-servo-wheel/

Wires color define:3 thick wires: yellow(phase A), green(phase B), blue(phase C). 9 thin wires:red(+5V,for motor hall sensors and encoder),black(GND),yellow(hall a),green(hall b),blue(hall c),white(encoder A),purple/brown(encoder B)gray and orange (thermal resistor wires.

4 inch small encoder motor single shaft hub motor with encoder:
Rated voltage: 24v,36v
Motor weight: 1.4kg
Poles: 10 pairs
Rated Power: 50w-150w
Rated speed: 250-400RPM
Rated current: 2-8A(peak current 16A)
Rated torque: 3N.m(peak torque 7N.m)
Max load: 50KG
Diameter: 105mm
Encoder type: 1024 line Incremental optical Encoder

4 inch single shaft hub motor
small 4 inch single shaft hub mtor with encoder
4 inch encoder hub motor
4 inch single shaft hub motor
4 inch single shaft servo motor drawing

3 responses to “4 inch single shaft hub motor with encoder”

  1. I am considering this motor for my next project and I have a few questions. The specifications say this motor has 10 pole pairs. Could you also let me know how many slots there are in the stator? Is it a BLDC or PMSM motor (trapezoidal or sinusoidal back-EMF)? Also, could you also send me a copy of the documentation? Thanks!

  2. Looks great! Is this product (or a similar one) still available?

    Do you provide full documentation of the electrical interface (both for the phase cables and for the encoder cables) so that I can build my own controller? Or do you also sell a controller for this motor?

    Also, what would be the shipping costs to the Netherlands?

    • Yes, we have wires explanation, you could use your only servo motor driver. The shipping cost depends on the QTY of your order. For one motor, the shipping cost is about USD80.

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