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  • Model: HB4GS
  • Price: USD155

HB4GS, a 4″ electric skateboard hub motor, the smallest motor we have now, only 1.3kg. It is 150w, GEARLESS, DC brushless motor  speed range from 10 km/h to 25 km/h

The standard version 24v 120w, 15km/h, 36v 150w,20km/h, if you need a different speed, we can customize it for you. Here is HB4GL 36v testing data

23 responses to “4 inch mono shaft motor 150w”

  1. I am thinking of using this motor for a design project. Is it possible if you can send the datasheets of this motor (that has the speed torque curves, etc) Thank you.

  2. Hi,

    I’m designing a mobile robot and planning to use this motor but the speed I need is around 1.5m/s (approx. 5.4 km/h). May I know is it possible to customize to such speed? Can you send the datasheet for the hub motor and its matching controller to my email?


      • Hi Tony,

        Thanks for your prompt reply. As mentioned in the description of the product, the speed of the motor is customizable. Is it possible to customize the motor speed to 1.5m/s?


        • Hi Wei,

          This is a gearless motor, it is not ok to customize to such slow speed for you. The best we can do is to make the no load speed about 400RPM to 500RPM, at this speed, the motor can keep good power and torque.

          • Hi Tony,

            How should I proceed to purchase the motor? I will need a matching motor driver as well. Can I get a quotation from you for budget approval purpose? Can you send the details to my email?


  3. Hello!
    We are currently prototyping a mobile robot base and are considering using your motor. Please send as much and detailed information as possible (delivery, data sheet, etc) to my email adress.
    Thank you and best regards,
    Michael Koller

  4. I can’t find this motor in your online shop.

    What would be the cost of 2 motors and 2 controllers, plus shipping to UK, please? Are these items in stock?

  5. Hello,

    I would like to purchase some of your hub motors, but at the moment I am at the R and D stage of what I am doing but I have a few question I would appreciate you answering for me:

    – Do you sell spare types for these hub motors?
    – Do you sell the electronic spares for these motors?



    • – Do you sell spare types for these hub motors?

      – Do you sell the electronic spares for these motors?

  6. This hub motor sounds very interesting. But is there a chance to build this motor with an 8” tyre. I need a really lightweight motor.

  7. Very interested in the 4″ skateboard hub motor. Interested to know if it is equipped with hall sensors.

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