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  • Model: HB8KIT
  • Price: USD175

The HB8KIT kit includes:
1. 8inch drum braking solid tire motor, max 30km/h
2. e braking controller
3. braking lever and cable
4. twist throttle or thumb throttle with battery power indicator

For the motor details, please refer to this https://www.uumotor.com/drum-braking-8-inch-hub-motor-350w.html

thumb throttle version
twist throttle version

11 responses to “8 inch drum braking electric scooter conversion kit”

  1. What battery would you recommend when using this kit? Also, are there any installation instructions. As I am doing this for a school project.

  2. Can i know the price for this kit?and aldo can be connected with a 36v battery like xiaomi one?i’m thinking to add as a second motor .Thank you

  3. Hello,

    I’m very interrested by this kit for build my own e-scooter.

    However, before buying it I would like to know some details :

    Nominal Amp ?
    Maximal Amp ?
    Nominal Torque ?
    Maximal Torque ?

  4. Hello,

    Would my scooter need to have any type of coupling for drum brake or for the cable brake? or do not need anything?


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