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  • Model: UUKIT9S
  • Price: USD185

The motor tyre size 9×3-6. This gearless motor has two power version: 1. 24v 350w max speed 25km/h, 2. 36v 500w max speed 30km/h,48v 800w max speed 45km/h. Tubeless tyre, disc braking accepted.

The kit includes,
1. 9 inch brushless dc hub motor, gearless, tubeless tyre. Dropout size 140mm
2. brushless dc motor controller
3. throttle with LED battery indicator
4. disc brake plate and caliper
5. electric bike braking levers

For the motor details, please refer to https://www.uumotor.com/air-tyre-8-inch-gearless-hub-motor-36v-350w.html , it is the same motor with different tire.

15 responses to “9 inch electric scooter diy conversion kit”

  1. Hi. This kit looks ideal for me.
    Can you supply a non drive wheel to go with it and how narrow a dropout can you make that wheel?
    How much to ship to UK?

  2. You quote the dropout size of this kit to be 140mm, however on the the link to the motor’s information ( the 8 inch version ) the dropout size is quoted to be 110mm. This is huge difference for what is supposed to be the same motor.

    The motor’s schematic on the link also indicates that the dropout is 110mm (106 + disc I assume).

    Could I get clarification of what the actual dropout size is?

  3. Hello there,

    I want to upgrade my escorteren to make it as fast as possible. I want to have à complete kit with a 9 inch hub motor (48volts) rear and à frontwheel. I also need à new break à controller and throttle. How many watts can you deliver? 600? And what can you offer forma complete kit?

    Thanks you!!

    • if you like the 16inch or 12inch wheel, the motor is not this kind of motors, the tire is not fat tire, and we do ship to italy.

  4. Hello! I’m from Colombia and I’m interested in this kit, the one with 36V 350W. I need more information about the controllers of the hub motor and the estimated time for shipping to my place. Do you have any experience before about shipping to South America? I need it as soon as possible. Thanks and I’ll expect and answer here or in my email. David.

  5. Heyy, I am a student at IIT Kharagpur, India.
    I am intersted in buying this Electric Scooter kit (24V version) for my project.
    Do you ship to Kharagpur, West Bengal, India – 721302.
    If yes, kindly tell me the approximate shipping cost and payement method.

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