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razor e300 36v conversion
  • Model: UUKIT10S
  • Price: USD198-USD245

Motor tyre size 10×4.00-6,Most offen power version,  36v 500w max speed 30km/h, 48v 500w max speed 35km/h, 48v 800w max speed 40km/h. This kit is good to upgrade the electric scooter razor e300. Buying link 800w fat tire 10 inch hub motor controller kit.

The razor e300 upgrade kit motor details, please refer to this 13 inch gearless hub motor, it is the same motor with different size tires.

what does this 10 inch electric scooter conversion kit include?

1. 10 inch brushless dc hub motor, gearless, tubeless tyre (10×4-6)
2. programable brushless dc motor controller
3. throttle with LED battery indicator
4. disc brake plate and caliper
5. electric bike braking levers

We can use 9 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch,13 inch and 15 inch tyre for this scooter fat tire gearless hub motor.

razor e300 brushless upgrade

The Razor E300 upgrades images as follows:

razor e300 upgrade kit
razor e300 upgrade
razor e300 motor upgrade

61 responses to “10 inch electric scooter kit for razor e300 upgrading”


  2. Can you please send me a quote for the 10 inch conversion kit to use on goped bigfoot with the mono shaft.

    Delivered to Cardiff, Wales


  3. Hi Tony, will the 48V 800W hub motor with 10 Inc wheel fit on Razor E300 scooter? does it need any modification or is it plug and play? also any recommendation on Battery and where to get? looking for an easy upgrade kit without needing to modify frame or anything .


  4. Hi,
    Can you quote for front driveless wheel in addition to this kit on 9″ tires 36v/500w. This is for an e325.
    (shipping to USA)

  5. Hey Tony,
    How do I go about buying a kit. I’d like to upgrade my son’s razor e300. Do you sell the batteries and chargers too.

  6. Hello,
    I am looking to convert my Goped Bigfoot to electric. Can you please provide quote for a conversion kit.
    Thank you and warm regards.
    Lee / Texas

  7. Im thinking about repurposing this motor for a different scooter and id like a larger diameter tire, since this motor is the same as the 13inch kit referenced above could i just swap out the tirefor a bigger one? If so can you link me to a compatible tire?

  8. Hello. I’m interested in making this conversion to my Razor E300. Would you mind sharing how you attached the brake caliper to the frame? Thanks so much!

  9. We got the kit and upgraded my kids Razor e300. we did 36v with AGM batteries. We had very good results. My 12 year old loves and we had a good father/son project together. Dont forget you will need a 36v charger, the old charger will not work well.

  10. Is there a motor with a dropout size of about 110mm in a 10inch 48V 800W motor?
    If you sell these motors, I want to know the price, weight and torque information.


  11. what do i need to purchase to have regenarative braking system. my scooter is 36v350w18.2ah..? do you have a workshop in SG?

  12. I am planning on using this on a Razor e300. I will be buying 3rd party front forks with shock absorbers so the size is fine (thanks for the picture!) and converting to either a 48v or 60v lipo setup. If I go with 60v, can I limit the 800w motor myself and basically run it at 500w range since I don’t need the speed as much as range? That way if I DO find later that I want more power I can just undo my limitation. (Remove the resistor or buck converter or whatever is necessary.) Thanks, and here’s hoping to have it up and running soon!

  13. Tony, thank you for the quick reply. The drop out size of this motor is a little small but I wonder if I could use a spacer on each side to fill the space?
    It also looks like this hub is only about 6 inches (170mm) and by adding the rubber tire it is 10 inches (254mm). I was looking for a 10″ hub (254mm) and between 14.5″ (368mm) to 16 inch (420mm) diameter with rubber tire.
    Do you offer a motor with a larger drop out size closer to 165mm or could I use a spacer on each side of my frame to allow the 139mm drop out from this motor?
    Looking for a complete kit with controller, brake levers, disc brake and twist throttle. 45kph 10s to 12s LiPo

  14. Do you have a complete kit for a Razor MX 650 electric scooter to convert to your 10″ hub motor?
    Drop out size is 165mm, (I can probably make something a little smaller work if you don’t have 165mm).
    10″ is perfect but I could use a 12″ if necessary
    Scooter and rider weight 115Kg together
    Looking for 45 KPH max from either 10s lipo (42v fresh off charger, 36v under load) or 12s lipo (50v fresh off charger, 43v under load)

    What do you have that would work?

    Here is the Razor MX650 , it is small

  15. hi
    i bough hyper toy e-scooter 60v 2000w streets racing about a month ago, i want to increase speed to 62+ mph (100+ km/h) , do you have conversion package kits for that 10 inch wheel electric scooter ? and can you ship to Vancouver ( Canada )

  16. I want to order the 10″ electric scooter kit for our rangfe of scooter but I need to know the torque (Nm) of the hubmotor.
    Thanks to answer

    Thanks and best regards

  17. What is the drop-out size for the 10 inch motor kit? I’m trying to increase the speed on my existing 250 Watt motor so changing to a 500W motor should give me another 5-10 km/h.

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