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  • Model: FLD10GL
  • Price: USD135

This 10 inch fat tire scooter hub motor with tire size is 10 inch with 10×4-6 tubeless air tire. Common power version, 24v 350w max speed 25km/h, 36v 500w max speed 30km/h, 48v 500w max speed 35km/h, 48v 800w max speed 40km/h.Dropout size 140mm, can add disc brake. 

it is easy to buy this 10 inch fat tire  hub motor from our online store via paypal. If you need a bldc 10 inch geared motor, please follow here 10 inch 500w brushless geared hub motor.

Here the motor size drawing:

Here is the motor testing data.

13 inch gearless 800w motor data

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  1. 10 inch scooter hub motor tubless air tyre / 24V 500W Single Shaft / Gearless

    Can I know the exact specifications of the 24V 500W single shaft motor? For example, rated torque, rated current, and pole pairs. And I want to get the hall sensor wiring diagram.

  2. Can I know the exact specifications of the 24V 500W single shaft motor? For example, rated torque, rated current, and pole pairs.

  3. Hi

    Do you supply a 10x 4 or 11×4 inch hub motor, shaft needs to be 260mm in length for a 210mm dropout Fork. Drum braking. 36v 500 watts for minibike conversion.

    Any response appreciated

      • I have a 48v 500w risensun controller, but it has 6 hall sensor inputs. This motor only has 5 hall sensor outputs. When I give throttle and its very loud and slow.

        • It should be the controller and motor is not welled matched. You may need to adjust the motor wires connection to make the motor and controller matched.

  4. The width of my opening is 165mm wide. Something close to that would be great. I’d like to use either 36volts (10s LiPo under load) 42v no load/fresh charge or 43v (12s Lipo under load) 50v no load/fresh charge. My goal would be near 45kph. The Razor 650 electric dirt bike and rider would weigh no more than 115kg. 10 inch rim should be perfect. With the rubber tire installed diameter of rubber tire must not exceed 400mm (355mm diameter would be perfect with rubber tire)
    I’ll need a controller, disc brake and a twist throttle for the handle bar if possible.
    Thank you,
    Here is a photo of the Razor MX650

  5. I Need 48V, 500W,35km/hr Hub Motors. Qty : 2 . It needs to be shipped to India. I couldn’t find these motors in your online shop. Can you share me the link? or Let me know the how to buy these motor?

  6. Motor hub 10 GL. Hello I do not understand , what is the real speed of the motor 30/40/50 kmh, because sometimes you write about this motor that the max speed is 30 kmh.
    Can I know the rpm Thanks à lot.

  7. i need one hub motor for electric scooter with load carrying capacity around 200kg and also speed upto 50-55 km /hr ,,what would be the rating of such motor and do u have one

  8. I would order some sample of HUB10GL but I don’t find this model in the “online store” section.
    How can I do?


  9. Hi There, what is the weight of the motor tire combination please? And what is the outer diameter of the tire..10″?

    Thank you in advance, Sven

  10. we would order 2pcs
    Model: HUB10GL, 
    Price USD135

    Motor tyre size 10×4.00-6,Most often power version, 36v 350w max speed 25km/h
    how to pay? delivery costs and time?

    thank you for info

    best regards

      • hello tony
        we would need
        a sample of 10inch 36v 500w. similar to HUB10GL
        also the controller with variable speed for that.
        paying with paypal

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