35km/h disc braking 8.5 inch gearless bldc hub motor

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  • Model: TG805
  • Price: USD115

36v 350w brushless dc motor, 8 inch with tyre, max speed 30-35km/h, It is ok for trikke T8 or trikke T78 convert to electric. Suitable for a 120mm disc brake plate.

voltage:36V 350w
net weight:≤3.6kg
dropout size:110mm
waterproof grade:IP54

8.5 inch hub motor for trikke t8
36v motor for trikke t8 conversion
electric trikke t8 hub motor
8.5 inch hub motor gearless
trikke t8 8.5 inch motor drawing

25 responses to “35km/h disc braking 8.5 inch gearless bldc hub motor”

  1. Hello this is Josh from Australia. Currently I have a 8.5 inch rear wheel motor hub with hard tire. I would like to change the tire from a solid rubber to a pneumatic tire. It has a 48v battery and it’s doing a to speed of around 40km/hour. I am wanting to add a pneumatic 8.5inch front wheel hub motor to my electric scooter but the dropout on the front wheel is currently
    just 80-85mm. I am also upgrading from 48v to 60v so making sure what you recommend is suitable for 60v. I will also need a controller for the front hub that you will be recommending as the rear wheel already has a controller. If you have a controller that would effectively control both rear and front (dual drive).

  2. 36v 350w brushless dc motor, 8 inch with tyre, max speed 30-35km/h
    Suitable for disc brake size 120mm

    I am a pretty handy guy…I like to modify things, I work with metal and am able to weld….having said that, could I fit this motor on my Xiaomi M365?

    • Yes. it is ok. But you need to do some work to make the controller cooling better. Long time running will make the original controller too hot and shut down power.

  3. Hi,
    We are looking for BLDC Hub motor with 60v, 2000w and 50kmph speed.
    We have few mechanical specification such as wheel diameter must be 300 to 350mm and wheel width 200mm and rim diameter 10inch and rim width 4 to 8 inch. If you have similar kind of motor or option of making it customize, please do revert. I am looking forward for your valuable response.

    thanks & Regards,

  4. we can customize this motor 48v 350w 40km/h. And if you like, we also can provide you the no drive front wheel.

    • which would be the cost of customizing the 48v 350w 40km/h for 6 cm width + kit (motor, controller, throttle) + transport to Barcelona Spain?

      Thank you very much in advance

  5. HellO Nandha, this motor is gearless, so it can run both forward and backward but with a little resistance. The smallest dropout size for this motor is 65mm, we do not have any other small version.

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