6.5 inch 180kg load servo hub motor

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high torque 6.5 inch robot hub motor
  • Model: SVB6HS
  • Price: USD165

RS 148.7mΩ;, Ld 360uH; Lq 360uH

6.5 inch hub motor with encoder for robots, 20N.m- 40N.m high torque, max load 180kg with slow speed. We can also make such motor single shaft and dual shaft version. The motor is brushless hub motor with 1024 line Incremental Photoelectric Encoder and hall sensors. And also, we have an 8 inch encoder motor with the same performance. They are both good for Service robots.

Voltage36V-48VMotor weight4.5KG
Speed200-500RPMPole pairs15
Current5-20A(peak 45A)load<180KG
Torque20N.m(max 40N.M)TireHollow rubber tire
Encoder1024 line Incremental Photoelectric EncoderSensorsHall sensors
6.5 inch hub motor with encoder
single shaft 6.5 inch robot motor
6.5 inch robot servo hub motor drawing

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  1. Hi sir,could you please suggest compatable controller for that motor and if you can able to supply controller also that is very helpfull to us.

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