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8 inch 500w servo hub motor
  • Model: SVB8S
  • Price: USD165

high torque 8 inch servo hub motor for robot. The motor is wth encoder and hall sensors, a gearless brushless dc motor, more durable. The rated power is 500w. We can also customize the motor data as per customer request. It only has single shaft veison now, this is becuse we updated the encoder to magnetic increment encoder. If you need a smaller such motor, you can find our 6.5 inch servo hub motor.

Rated voltage: 36v-48v
Motor weight: 4.2kg
Poles: 15 pairs
Rated Power: 350w-500w
Rated speed: 400-500RPM by controller
Rated current: 5-20A(peak current 45A)
Rated torque:20N.M(peak torque 40N.M)
Max load: 180KG
Diameter: 200mm hollow rubbertire
waterproof: IP65
Encoder type: 1024 line Incremental Photoelectric Encoder

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17 responses to “high torque 500w robot 8 inch servo hub motor”

  1. I need the engine drawings, performance curves and test data ofthe 500 watt motor

    Thank you for your availability

  2. Wow, this is a very thing I’ve been looking for!! I wanna buy it but I have few questions.

    1, Is there a same motor with double shaft?
    2, Where can I buy motor driver to control it
    3, Where is purchase page?

  3. Trying to build a barstool racer looking scooter.
    How do I determine the wattage and the voltage size?
    What determines power and speed. Doesnt have to be super fadt. 15-25 mph
    Do they go forward and reverse?
    Matching front wheels with no motors?
    Do they meed brakes or do they stop on their own.

  4. I left a reply but it seems to have been erased.
    Can this product(SVB8S) be fitted with wide deep off-road tires?
    It doesn’t matter if the wheel diameter gets a little larger because of it.
    I am looking for high torque and slow speed, about 150~200 rpm, 40n.m
    Drive voltage is 36V.

    I hope you provide me the technical doc for this product.

  5. Can you equip this product(SVH8B) with wider deep off-road tires?
    It does not matter if the diameter is a little larger.
    can you provide me technical document?

    I need these wheels for a differential drive robot of 200 kgs .
    I want high torque and slow speed may be 150~200 rpm. my driver voltage is 36v.

  6. can you send me more documentation about this wheel Model: SVH8B.
    I need to control the wheel for a robot, how many hall sensors does it have (how many poles)
    Do you have any samples for doing the basic controller moves.

    I need 2 of these wheels for a differential drive robot of 200 kgs. I want high accuracy, high torque and slow speed, may be just 60 rpm. my drive voltage is 48 v.
    Thanks for your reply

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