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  • Model: KN6305
  • Price: USD165

Now We have this motor with several tire version, you can follow these link 14.5 inch wheelbarrow motor.13 inch wheelbarrow motor. 11 inch off tire wheelbarrow motor10 inch electric wheelbarrow motor18 inch electric wheelbarrow motor.

Motor: 13 inch Brushless Geared Motor.
Hallsensor: YES (5 hall sensor wires)
Brake type: E brake/Disc brake
Motor wheel size( include the tire): 13 inch tractor tubeless air tire
Tire Model: 3.5-6 Vacuum tire
Max Torque: 80 N.M(100Nm optional)
Rated power : 500W
Rated voltage :36V 48V
No-load current: <1.5A
Speed : 7-10km/h( default 48v 200RPM)
Load Weight: 100kg-150kg
Dropout size : 115-145 mm
Weight : about 6 kg

We also have a 13 inch mono shaft tractor tire wheelbarrow motor. The power is the same, just outside appearance is different.

13 inch tractor tire electric wheelbarrow motor drawing

14 responses to “500w tractor tubeless air tire 13 inch geared wheelbarrow hub motor”

  1. I just received the wheel barrow conversion kit. There are 2 brake controllers and I think I only need one. There are no brake cables on the kit. There are no instructions either. Would you direct me to the assembly instructions? There are about 25 wires coming out of the controller and I don’t know how to hook it up. Thanks

  2. Hi Tony,
    Does this motor have the same loaded rpm and torque running in both directions (forward and reverse)?
    How much is the shipping for two units to northern Sweden?

  3. Hi. What is the gear ratio of these motors please? The charts seem to have high RPM listed (854 – 1154 RPM) ; what is the final wheel output RPM? Thanks.

  4. Do you supply these geared electric wheelbarrow hubs with soild, puncher-proof tyres? From my experience the 2ply tyres do not last long enough and the inconvenience of always repairing is time down you don’t need. I need to purchase 24 in total to start with. Thanks

  5. Hi,

    I would like to purchase 2 of these.

    What is the minimum lead time I can get them to Ireland in?


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