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11 inch geared 500w motor
  • Model: M3PE
  • Price: USD145

Now We have this motor with several tire version, you can follow these link 14.5 inch wheelbarrow motor.13 inch wheelbarrow motor. 10 inch electric wheelbarrow motor, 18 inch electric wheelbarrow motor.

Motor: 11 inch Brushless Geared Motor
Hallsensor: YES (5 hall sensor wires)
Brake type: Disc brake
Motor wheel size( include the tire): 11 inch tractor tubeless air tire
Tire Model: 11×3.5-6 Vacuum tire
Max Torque: 59 N.M
Rated power : 500W
Rated voltage :36V 48V
No-load current: <1.5A
Speed : 7km/h-10km/h
Load Weight: 100kg-150kg
Dropout size : 135-145 mm
Weight : about 6 kg

11 inch electric wheelbarrow motor drawing
11 inch e wheelbarrow hub motor
48v geared wheelbarrow hub motor
11 inch hub motor
48v 500w geared wheelbarrow motor testing data

19 responses to “11 inch geared slow speed electric wheelbarrow motor”

  1. Hi

    I need a wheelbarrow motor wheel like this one

    What else is required including the battery to complete the kit

    Speed controller?
    Battery charger
    Etc etc

    Kind regards

  2. Does the M2PE 11 inch hub motor come with a freewheel clutch?
    Is it available with a tire pattern suitable for smooth hard surfaces?

    • Yes, we have road tires at 10 inch, 13 inch and so on. The inside clutch is not freewheel, we need the motor can be controled running in two directions(forware and reverse). However, the motor is ok to push forward and reverse by hand if no elecric power is supplied.

      • My need for a freewheel clutch lies in a recent experience when I was checking my battery range and ran it flat. I need another wheel for my disability scooter, I found it quite difficult to drag it home on my crutches without a freewheel.
        I will have to keep looking.

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