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10 inch off road electric wheelbarrow motor
  • Model: M3PT
  • Price: USD145

M3PT is a disc braking 10 inch brushless geared hub motor 500w,  for electric mobility scooter, electric wheelchair, wheelbarrow and so on. It is reversiable and you can buy this electric wheelbarrow motor online.

Rated voltage: 48v
max speed: 200RPM
motor diameter with tire:250mm
max torque:59N.m
Motor tyre size: 10×4.0-6
This motor is available to assemble the disc brake
Net weight:7kg(with tyer), 5.3kg(without trye)

10 inch wheelbarrow motor drawing
To get it from online store: 10 inch 500w fat road tire geared brushless hub motor
10 inch wheelbarrow motor
Purchase it via paypal here: 10 inch 500w fat off road tire geared wheelbarrow motor
10 inch electric wheelbarrow hub motor
Here is where to buy it online: 10 inch 500w fat tire geared brushless hub motor
10x4-6 tire

We also have a gearless high speed 10inch motor which have the same tire here 10 inch scooter hub motor tubless air tyre.

12 inch wheelbarrow motor drawing
48v 500w geared wheelbarrow motor testing data

36 responses to “10 inch 500w brushless geared hub motor”

  1. After searching for weeks, this motor fits my project specs perfectly. But I would like a tubeless tire. Do you carry this geared motor with a no flat solid tread? Also, I want all tires to match. Do you sell motorless wheels that match this motorized one? I need geared for the torque but not the speed, which a max of 5mph is desired. THANKS!

    • this is a tubeless tire and the max motor speed is 200RPM, and if it works with our controller, no problem for low speed with high torque.

  2. I have a onewheel hover board and the motor went out trying to replace the wheel motor its 36v 500 watts 10inch wheel which one do I need and do you have it

  3. I need an motor with flexible air tyre 24 v dc, without sensor direct control, With high speed and reversible should be more than 300 rpm is it possible

  4. Hi all. I’d like to know if you have a 10″brush less wheel with regeneration brakin system. It will be mounted on a scooter that runs top speed 80km/h. Would this brushless wheel help the standard engine to reach the top speed? The scooter is 80kg +80kg pilot. Looking forward to hear pricing and shipment cost to Italy.

  5. Tony,
    1. The 36V 350W version of the HUB10EW, can go reverse?
    2. If so, which controller I need for it?
    3. What do you mean by speed 6km/h to 25km/h?

  6. Hi.
    Can you send me the datasheet for this model and controller specification ?
    Because i need to check it before buying 4 pc’s.
    Also can i control the speed?

  7. Hello, I am very interested in: HUB10EW

    Do you also sell the controller?

    Can you send me any more info you have on it, including cad drawings?

    I need a speed of around 15kph… size looks good, this might be just what I need.


  8. hi! I need a 18×9.5-8 wheel with a hub motor i would also need its controller. i would also require a wheel of the same size. do you produce such wheels? if not what is the wheel you manufacture which is closest to my dimensions.

  9. I need a 8-10″ wheel with tyre 24v that will have an average speed of 3km/hr i.e. high torque and very low speed.
    Wattage should be about 250w.
    Is this possible?

  10. Hello,

    I’m interested in this kind of motor.

    Do you have any specifications of this motor . I need low rpm(5-7)km/h and high torque,
    what is the maximum torque ? Is it geared ?

  11. Hello, I might be interested in your motors for a future development project.

    What if I requested max 6 km/h, how much torque could you make?

    Regards, Alexander, OMAI Innovations.

  12. Hello,

    I’m interested in this kind of motor.
    Can you customized this motor to higher outputs? Lets say 48v 1000-1500w.

    Thank you

  13. hello. i have a few raycool electric scooters which i wish to convert to brushless hub motors like yours.
    can this type fit easily ?
    and whats the price + shipping to israel ?

    thank you.

  14. Will this 380w 48v motor connect my control box??? Or otherwise I will need a new control box and a throttle…please let me know asap

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